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Angry DEPLORABLE Conditions - Help w/ Petco Rescues!

My roommate and I went to pick up a piece of decor for our tank today and instead came back with four bettas - a male and three females. The conditions at this particular Petco were absolutely horrendous. While my roommate is setting up temporary housing arrangements for the quarantined fish, I would like to get you guys' opinions on how to treat each fish... and what the likelihood of their survival is.

Please forgive me for the terrible quality of these images... they were the best I could get.

Here is the boy. He has absolutely horrific popeye with like a cataract at the very end that pops out of the already popped-out eye.

Then there is female A, who is swimming upside down and side to side and doing whirlies. She's seems okay at the moment but we were concerned at the store.

Female B has white fuzz ALL OVER HER. I know it doesn't show well in the image, but... well... fuzz. :/

Female C is in the greatest predicament. She has progressive fin rot, discoloration (the color you see is only because I used flash), and a huge gash on her side that is hard to see in the picture.

My roommate and I are absolutely furious. We even had to beg to take the boy home because when we tried to buy him they said they wouldn't sell him to us and that they needed to take him "back" to "cure" him. We still had to pay $20 for him alone. :/ We wanted to save a lot of them, but there's only so much we can do with a college budget. We thought that if we pointed out all the illnesses we were able to identify, the employees would simply flush the fish. What to do! -sigh-

Anyways, any recommendations on the who/what/hows of caring for these poor critters? I currently have API Triple Sulfa, Tetracycline, and aquarium salt... but we want to make sure we don't over-medicate!
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Here's what I think....

Popeye - start by adding Epsom salt. (1 teaspoon/gal). It's safe to use, and will help take down the swelling. I don't know a lot about popeye, but Epsom salt is a good place to start.

Female A (swimming upside down) - also start by adding Epsom salt. (1 teaspoon/gal). It should help her buoyancy issues.

Female B (fuzzies) - Use either the API Triple Sulfa or Tetracycline. Fuzzies are often from Columnaris, which is a gram negative bacterial infection. Triple Sulfa and Tetracycline both treat gram negative infections.

Female C (fin rot, gash) - Use aquarium salt. (1 teaspoon/gal.) Do not use for more than 10-14 days max. If you notice any indication that things are getting worse, switch to one of the antibiotics (Triple Sulfa or Tetracycline).

If you don't have Epsom salt, you can get it at most supermarkets and grocery stores. It's not expensive. Look for 100% magnesium sulfate. (No dyes, perfumes or additives.) Dissolve it fully in water before adding it to the tanks. Epsom salt doesn't contain sodium, so it doesn't cause stress on the kidneys (like aquarium salt does).

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If it were me, I would go with triple sulfa over tetacycline. Tetracycline is mainly for gram positive bacteria but it does work for some gram negative bacteria.

*Alternative treatment for Erythromycin, especially for Streptococcus infections in fish (not to be combined with Erythromycin).
*Effective for SOME causes of diseases such as bacterial tail rot, cotton mouth fungus and gill disease.
*Primarily gram positive, however Tetracycline has some wide spectrum gram negative use as well.
Triple Sulfa
* Anti-bacterial medication- Controls a wide range of pathogenic bacterial infections
* Hemorrhagic Septicemia
* Mouth Fungus
* Body Slime & Eye Cloud
* Bacterial Gill disease
* Fin & Tail rot
* Excellent for secondary infections as a result of Ich Infestations; can be combined with ParaGuard or Quick Cure
* Sometimes effective when other often first choice gram negative treatments (such as Kanamycin) fail. Also effective with many Ich treatments (such as ParaGuard) to render these safer for sensitive fish such as a Clown Loach
* Contains; Sodium Sulfathiazole, Sodium Sulfamethazine, Sodium Sulfacetamide
The one with the fuzzies - it can be columnaris OR a fungus. Sometimes its hard to tell them apart. Take a look at this site and see if you can decide if its columnaris or fungus...

Personally I like Furan 2 - it seems to work better then any other med except for Kannaplex
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Old 05-04-2013, 09:14 PM   #4 
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Thanks, guys. We really appreciate the advice. :)
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Hi Sage. Gosh, how awful for those poor fish.

Popeye: I second LittleBlue on the epsom salts at 1 tsp per gallon; you can up it if you need to. Tikibirds is correct: tetracycline is a gram-positive antibiotic. Fortunately, the majority of eye infections appear to be gram positive so if you do feel like medicating, tetracycline is a possibility although erythromycin is better.

Upside Down Girl: Again, I second LittleBlue. Again, you can up the dosage if you need to.

Female with Fuzzies: In this case, I'd go with 1 tsp of AQ salt per gallon and API Furan-2. Jungle Labs Fungus Clear will work as well but it's much harder to dose being a tablet.

Female with the Gash: She looks like she may be a bit bloated as well, possibly from internal parasites or an internal infection. Go with the AQ salt but if she bloats worse, stop and switch to epsom salts. No medication for now but if it comes to it, I'd use Seachem Kanaplex but if you don't have it and can't wait for it to come by mail (it almost always has to be ordered online), then use Maracyn Two. Beware that Maracyn Two does not work as well in high pH and that it has a risk of increasing kidney problems.
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Poor fishies! Good luck with them and keep us posted on how they're doing.
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Keep us updated on them!
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Thanks so much for the info, guys! <3 We are treating all of them now. Girl C (with the gash) didn't make it though. ):
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Wow. I..I am speechless
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I'm sorry, Sage. At least she passed in clean water and surrounded by love.
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