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Stress Stripes?

Hey everyone!A while back (about 3 monthes)
I got a baby betta.He was fairly big compared to the others
so you could tell he was a male.Ever since I got him
He's had stress stripes off and on.One moment they are there
and the next they're gone.At first I didn't worry because
I thought it was just because he's a baby but now I'm starting
to worry especially because I think he is stunted.I have
had him for about three monthes now and he doesn't seem to have
grown.Anyway could you guys maybe tell me what could be going

Tank Size:5 gallon I recently moved him to my 7.9
Temperature:78-80 degrees
Other Aeration:No
Tank mates:No
Food:I feed him 3-4nls pellets everyday I tried to vary his diet
with frozen and freeze dried foods but he never ate it.
Water change:50-30% weekly
I realize the PH and ammonia should not be what they are.
How could I raise the Ph and get rid of the ammonia.
Thanks for your help.
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Here are the water parimeters.
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I'm not an expert but I have read on the forums that babies excrete a hormone that stunts their growth. So you have to change the water very frequently. I would suggest more water changes and that would help with the ammonia too!
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A pH of 6.6 is good. Don't change it.

Bettas prefer slightly acidic water, so your pH is good where it is.

Also, raising the pH will make the ammonia levels worse. So that's another reason not to do this.

If you want the technical details.... Ammonia is bad.... Ammonium, however, doesn't harm fish.
-- As the pH goes up, ammonium gets converted to ammonia. (Bad! )
-- As the pH goes down, ammonia gets converted to ammonium. (Not bad! )

Unfortunately, I can't answer your question about your boy. But NLS pellets are very small. You may want to increase the number you're giving him slightly. I give my guys about 6 Omega One pellets per day, and I think they're larger than the NLS ones are.

How big is he now, compared to your other adult bettas?

Also, run an ammonia test on your tap water. Some water companies use ammonia as a disinfectant. This means there can be some residual ammonia when it arrives at your home.... If you find there's ammonia in your tap water, you can switch to a conditioner like Prime. It temporarily neutralizes ammonia (by converting it to ammonium) for about 48 hours.

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Thanks for the replies littlebluefishlets and brittany4444!
I will try to feed him more, and change his water more and won't mess with the Ph.But is there any other reason why he could have stress stripes?I would
say he is about half the size of and adult betta maybe
smaller maybe not but I'm pretty sure he is stunted.Do
you guys know what water changes would look like to
get ride of the harmful hormones?Thanks for your help!!!
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