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need betta help!

Hey everyone!
So I recently got a male betta, his name is Gromit, and I am looking to see if there are any other fish I can put in with him. It isn't a huge tank so I am just looking for one or two other fish. I have a small filter in already, and I know Bettas don't necessarily need filters. Are there any fish similar to bettas, that dont need filters? Also, what kind of food would I feed the fish, if they are different types?
Thanks so much!
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I'm a new owner myself!

This info helped a lot hope it helps! bettas are very individual when it comes to getting along with other fish but a general "rule" is anything peaceful that wont nip fins or isnt too threatening lookng. by that i mean not too colourful that the betta might see it as a threat so male guppies would be out for example.

fish i have kept with bettas without problems have all been bottom dwellers such as cories, shrimp, otos etc but many people have sucess with some of the more peaceful tetras like glowlights, neons or some small rasboras. :D 8)
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Depends on the tank size. Anything 5 gallons and under you're pretty much limited to dwarf frogs and shrimp.
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