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Old 03-15-2015, 06:54 PM   #1 
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Location: Northeastern Illinois
An Apple's Perspective

Hi Everyone - welcome to my Journal. Not quite sure at this point why I'm making one, but it seems like the thing to do round these parts.

May as well introduce myself a bit while I'm here. My name is Allison - I'm a Network Administrator from the Chicago Suburbs. Or, at least I *was* until my health spiraled out of control last year. Right now I'm off work due to said health down-spiral, but I hope be be able to return to work sometime soon. There is a lot up in the air still - I'm just hoping some of that begins to stabilize.

Outside of my recent brood of finkids, I kept betta as a child. Unfortunately...this was during a period of time when information on betta was sorely lacking and resources to *find* information were limited. To this day I still feel awful about what my early betta went through. In truth - after watching my last two boys suffer in early High School I pretty much stepped away from fishkeeping as a whole. They each lived for 4 years....but "survived" was a better way to describe it. I remember feeling awful for my boys daily, and didn't want more betta to suffer the way they did.

Then - close to 20 years later, I started just looking online for information as to the care of betta *JUST IN CASE* I ever got one. I had a small tank in my closet that my best friend had given me when her cats made keeping *her* set of fish impossible, and with that tank held just a whisper that maybe - one day, I'd pick up a betta again. *Maybe.*

This was all very theoretical until the Day after Thanksgiving this past year. My best friend and I were out - but given it was Black Friday there were limited things we could do to amuse ourselves that weren't jam-packed with people. So, we escaped into Petco. Anytime I was in a petstore for *years* I'd look at the betta - this day was no different. Until I saw - HIM.

On one the shelves was a mostly white and black doubletail with raggedy fins. He didn't look like much, especially when compared to some of the other fish on the shelf. But - something drew me to him. I picked up the cup and looked at the little guy. And - something in me knew at that point I wasn't going home empty-handed that day. I bought a cheap heater (quickly replaced...I spent *SO* much money on stuff I replaced early on), and some Aqueon food and water conditioner (again....replaced). I already had a tank at home, but I didn't have any plants - so I picked up some plastic plants for the tank as well (once again - since replaced). And before I knew it - I had a $50 bill on my hands for a fish *I ALREADY HAD A TANK FOR*. The madness had begun.

Early Callisto - Day 2 Home from the Store.

In the next two weeks - I watch nearly *DAILY* changes from the new member of my household. Before entering the store - I had *no idea* what a "Marbled Betta" was. This changed by the end of night 1 - and while I had *some* idea what might be in store for me, I wasn't prepared for how *QUICKLY* Callisto transformed in front of my eyes to a completely different fish.

Callisto Day 3

Callisto - End of Week 1

Within a week, Callisto was in a larger tank (5gal) with better plants and a better heater thanks to the lovely people at this website. My parents had given me two tanks when they learned I'd bought a fish that had been sitting in the basement since I was a child, but the 5gal was leaking and with pre-Christmas sales it was cheaper to just buy a kit than it was to rehab the old tank. So and *this* introduced the hazards of having more tanks in my house than fish.

At some point in all of this, Hrutan was looking to rehome a spawn - and I claimed a couple. I had the space for them. I just couldn't *get* them right away because I lived in Chiberia in winter and I didn't want them to turn into bettacicles on the way. In preparation for these guys, I *DID* pick up some aquarium sealer just to see if I could rehab the 5gal for future use....and I as able to seal the tank appropriately. I just figured the tanks would wait until those fish could ship.

Yeah - *THEN* I learned how dangerous it is to be in Petco the day that the betta shipment arrives. So much for that.

Neptune, just home from the store

So - with the addition of Neptune, one fish was now Two. Within a few days, I then had Enceladus as well. A couple weeks later - another member here was looking to rehome Pallas - so I took him in as a "Foster Fish" until I can get him to another forum member as a permanent home later this year. Then a few weeks ago - I was in the petstore and saw this stinkin-cute tiny little female.

So - yeah. 6 months ago I would have told you I would probably never own another betta. Now I have 5, with 3 more on the way (Hru's two boys, and another boy from the "The Ones That Got Away" thread) that should arrive next week. (Obviously, more tanks have been purchased along the way as well.)

So...yeah. We'll see how this all goes.

Next To Come: Introductions to the Brood
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Northeastern Illinois

So - lets get everyone acquainted with the finkids.

Pallas - the "Foster Boy"
Pallas came from another member on these forums. This member rescued him from Wal-Mart - where Pallas was kept in terrible conditions. This member says that Pallas was clinging to life when found. I don't doubt it.

When *I* first got Pallas - he was emaciated, dealing with some SBD or some Muscle atrophy that made it difficult for him to swim, and had very clearly been recovering from fin rot. I've had him a little over a month now, and the change in him has been substantial. He's now at a healthy weight, his tail has doubled in length (though is still quite ratty and is still healing), and he went from scooting himself around the bottom of the tank to a wiggleworm that won't stop swimming.

Pallas is hard to get a good picture of - he doesn't stop swimming when I'm near the tank

My baby girl. I mean that almost literally - she was sold as a "female crowntail" but I realized after I got her home that she wasn't much bigger than the baby betta in the store. I think Petco may have relabeled and recupped her as soon as her sex was clearly evident.

Dione NEVER STOPS MOVING. Without the burden of long heavy fins - she just darts across her tank. She *does* come to greet me whenever I enter the room though. Cutie.

My beautiful blue butterfly.

Enceladus has actually been a bit of a frustration lately. Feeding him bloodworms was the biggest mistake I ever made with these guys. Shortly after the first feeding - he stopped eating, started losing weight and a suspicious long, white\clear object was found in his tank. So, I treated for parasites. He initially did better after treatment - but even after a day or two beyond THAT he started refusing food again. Unless I offered bloodworms - those he gobbled right down.

I tried offering nothing but pellets for 2 weeks. He might eat 1 pellet - maybe - every couple days. Tried deal with those either. During this time he started looking quite emaciated and started biting his tail, so it looks like bloodworms is what it's going to be for now. We'll try this again after he heals back up and gets back to a healthy weight.

WHY must you refuse to eat anything except your tail and bloodworms Enceladus? WHY?!?!!

My Beautiful Rosetail. Neptune is just a great fish. He's also my most aggressive boy. He takes some wonderful flaring pictures!

Neptune is fin-nipping as well....but I'm actually not all that surprised given he's a rosetail and his fins are quite large and heavy. I'm flaring him to keep his muscles strong - but if his finnage becomes a problem I might have to look into trimming for him in the future anyway.

~Someone~ decided to make their displeasure of having their picture taken known!


My Mamma's Boy. The little stinker who started this whole mess.

Callisto has not *completely* settled on what his colors are since I brought him home. He's a lot more stable now than he was, but it still varies a bit from day to day. Last week he had quite a bit of green irids for example - today he's mostly dark, dark blue. Watching him is fascinating.

Callisto is a big sweetie. He's not really very aggressive - it was a couple weeks that I had him before he would flare at all (and that was when I had a very sick 'rescue' that I was floating in his tank....and even that flare only lasted a minute). Now he'll occasionally flare at his nerite buddy Milky Way, but that's brief and he moves on as well.

Callisto's tank is right by the couch with me and my computer, and he'll hang out by me and watch me while I work on my laptop. He won't follow my finger, but if I put my finger up to the tank wall he'll swim to it if he's on the other side of the tank. I've been able to calm him down doing this. He's my BOY. <3

Here's how my boy

Otherwise - I'll have a handful more next week if the weather holds, LOL. So I'll have to introduce those boys once they arrive.
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Your story reminds me so much of myself. It starts with one...then a tank upgrade...then ten bettas later you are scratching your head and wondering what happened.
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Old 03-15-2015, 10:50 PM   #4 
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Location: USA
Subscribed. :) Really loved how you told your story, and I like your fishes, too! Looking forward to reading more.
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Old 03-16-2015, 01:24 AM   #5 
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Location: Northeastern Illinois
@JHatchett - Haha, yeah...the "scratching my head wondering what happened" has definitely hit. A part of me understands that this is all madness. The rest of me just doesn't care.

@Elleth - Thanks! I'm sure there will be updates next week as the new boys arrive. After that....I guess we'll see how much I update. I'll try to, but I have trouble seeing my story as something anyone else cares about. I suppose it shouldn't matter though - those who are interested will follow and those that aren't....won't.
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Old 03-16-2015, 10:46 PM   #6 
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Welcome! Beautiful fish. I look forward to hearing more about your aquarium adventures!
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Old 03-19-2015, 02:59 AM   #7 
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Join Date: Dec 2014
Location: Northeastern Illinois
So - I got all of these guys as a RAOK today! I'm sure I'll find a place for them! For now though - in to QT they go.

I have SO many plants in my QT tank right now. I've planted some, but no where near enough. If I can summon the energy tomorrow, I should add a bit more plants into at least the 10gal that Enceladus and Neptune are in. They've each got a little bit of stemmed plants and some floaters in their sections - but they could do *so* much better.
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Old 03-19-2015, 10:37 AM   #8 
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It's been an interesting read.

That's a neat looking plant in Callisto's tank. Can you tell us what that is?

Quarantining snails sounds like an oxymoron.
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Thanks for sharing and all the help your provide here. Keep at it!
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Subbing for sure! You have gorgeous finkids. I cant wait to read more about them and to see the new kids when they come :D
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