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SplashyBetta's Journal

I could dig through for my old journal thread (probably wouldn't be at all hard to find) but I don't feel like it and I'd like to start fresh anyway. So here goes

Expect future posts to consist of many, many photos!

Meet the bettas!

Watermelon, my first betta. I got him from the newly opened LPS in May of last year. He was one of six red veiltails available and even though he was the smallest and the palest I chose him. Actually, he chose me, I think. <3

Mochi, my second betta. I bought him as a baby betta from petco. For a while I was convinced little Mochi was a girl, but I was wrong! Currently he's in a 1 gallon tank (filtered & heated, & live planted) but he'll be getting an upgrade sometime in the next couple weeks!

Poseidon, my third betta. He was not planned and I was honestly going to stop at two! Until this gorgeous guy came along, that is. When I saw him at Petco I knew I had to have him, so of course I went and set up a new tank, and I think that's when the multi-tank/mult-betta syndrome madness really began!

Blueberry, my fourth betta. He was quite stressed when I bought him from the LPS; stress stripes and tail biting The stress stripes disappeared within a day or two and although I still catch him snacking on his fins occasionally it's not as bad as it was.

-No photo yet-
Lucky Moe, my fifth betta. I had seen him at the LPS one day when I went in for guinea pig food but I resisted the urge to buy him. I saw him there again a couple weeks later but again I walked out empty handed. Finally, after he had been there for at least a month, I bought Lucky Moe. He ended up with severe ammonia poisoning due to living in that tiny cup for so long but luckily he is on the mend now! He's in a hospital tank right now and I'm treating him with daily salt baths.
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bubble bass
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Poseidon looks awesome coolest betta i've ever seen
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Originally Posted by bubble bass View Post
Poseidon looks awesome coolest betta i've ever seen
Poseidon thanks you I'm really happy with how that photo turned out - one of my best betta photos I'm ever taken I think!
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You take good photos! Lovely fish too!

>.> my evil phone takes terrible pictures along with my laptop
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So.. updates!

I've gone from five to eleven bettas, heh heh

Some long awaited aquatic plant seeds finally arrived in the mail a week or so ago. It was a mystery pack of 20-25 seeds for only 16 cents! I threw them in a pot with some dirt and waited... A couple days later I got sprouts popping up! Since then there's been one or two new sprouts every day. They grow fast! Nine so far have grown big enough to transplant to the aquarium and I split them up between Mochi and Poseidon's tanks. Not quite sure yet, looks like hairgrass and something else with little leaves...

A new Petco is opening up in one of the neighboring towns only about 20 minutes away! I'm going to the grand opening on Saturday. I got a 20% off coupon in the mail so I'll be using that. I might get another betta or two, possibly

I now have a few extra HOB filters laying around. You see what happened was, I had a 30 gallon filter that one day stopped working and I had no idea why. I couldn't figure out the problem. So I set it aside. Later I had a 10 running on Poseidon's 5 gallon tank because I wanted to overfilter it because I had it slightly 'overstocked' with a guppy tankmate. The current proved to be too strong for Poseidon and I couldn't get it baffled properly, so I tossed it in storage and bought a new lower-powered filter for Poseidon. A few days later I decided I wanted to add the 10g filter to my goldfish tank for extra filteration but when I hooked it up it wouldn't run. Same problem as my 30 - making noise but not sucking up any water.
I ended up meeting this aquarium guy at an event at the local animal shelter and we got to talking about filters. I mentioned my two that weren't working and he told me to bring them to him and he'd take a look. He took them home for a couple days and got them fixed (there was just a very minor problem with the motor, easily fixable)! Super grateful
When I got them back I noticed the intake on the 30 was missing. I asked him if he might have dropped it somewhere at home and although he looked he was unable to find it. He's an amazingly nice guy, so without me asking (I wasn't upset about the missing piece, I figured I could get a replacement somewhere) he just went out and bought TWO new filters! A 10 and a 30. I was shocked, lol.
Long story short, I got a replacement for the intake on the first 30 for free from another friend, so now I have four extra filters; two 30s and two 10s. No idea what to do with all these filters! I added one of the 30s to my goldfish tank but I don't know what to do with the others. The gf tank is already overfiltered so it doesn't really need anymore. I'll probably just put them away in storage and save them for future tanks...
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