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Hello from Michigan

Hello, I've been browsing several betta sites for a while now, considering whether to get another betta or not. I won't claim to be an expert when it comes to betta keeping - there's been plenty of times where I was too inexperienced and the fish had to suffer because of it. That was in my younger years, but I'm much more mature and capable of taking care of pets now. Indeed, at one point all of my attempts at keeping bettas ended in failure (their deaths), which broke my heart. For the longest time I considered myself a murderer and refused to have anymore fish. Now that I'm older, when I think about the past, I see that their deaths probably weren't my fault. I had two 10 gallon tanks, each with their own heater and filter, I only allowed one male betta per tank at a time, and I followed what my research taught me. Despite my efforts, the bettas still died out. I believe there may have been something in the tank that was causing them to get sick that I wasn't educated about at the time.

After considering whether to get a betta or not, I decided to give betta keeping another whirl. I purchased an Aqueon Mini Bow 2.5 for the lucky betta about a month ago (I got rid of my 10 gallons long ago and I'm only able to have a 2.5 gallon at the moment). There are few complaints that I have about the Mini Bow; the light isn't the best and the current from the filter is a little strong, but they're decent. I had to get a heater and thermometer to keep track of the temperature. A few days later, I came across a CT male at Walmart. I hate Walmart with a passion, however, my parents dragged me along to shop for groceries and I couldn't help glancing at the fish section. I didn't plan to get a betta from them due to the neglect and my opinion on the store, but without realizing it, my boyfriend had just left the store after looking at the same fish that I was attracted to. Plus, the fish was giving me the face. It took barely a minute for me to decide to take him home with me. I felt that fate had brought my boyfriend and I to him for a reason. I almost raged when I went through the checkout, though. The lady at the register tried to bag my betta! Are all Walmart employees this stupid?

It's been about a month since I first introduced our friend to his new home and he's been doing great. I haven't had any problems with illness or suspicious behavior. I call him Junior because that's what I called him when I first saw him. I didn't want to call him "the fish" so I figured I should just call him Junior until I gave him a name. I didn't realize that I would be naming him Junior until later on when it stuck. My boyfriend is now my fiancÚ and he enjoys seeing Junior in the mornings when he comes over (we don't live with each other yet due to certain circumstances). We both agreed that Junior is our kid before the kids. I'm confident that this time my betta will be cared for properly and any fatal illnesses will be prevented or treated, especially since there's two people keeping an eye on him instead of just one.

As unfortunate as it was that the bettas I previously owned passed away due to my ignorance, I probably wouldn't have realized that something was wrong had they not. Being a beginner is not easy; often times it's about trial and failure, then learning from the mistakes you make. My heart still aches for the bettas who died, but the world goes on and I shouldn't let it stop me from doing what I find a great hobby. I'm not a bad person. My heart is in the right place, I just had a rough start. There's definitely so much more for me to learn and I'm open to it. I will continue my research for as long as I'm a betta keeper.
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Howdy, fellow Michigander! Welcome to you and Junior to the forum!

once you settle into the groove of things, bettas can be fairly simple and very rewarding to care for!

Wishing you, your fiance, and your fin child all the best!
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Hello and welcome to the forum!
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