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6 x guppies + 3 corys in 10 Gal ok?

Hey guys,

I'm loving keeping my little Betta friends and have decided that I would like to set up a community tank with some other little guys. I was thinking 6 fancy guppies (2 male + 4 female) and 3 Corys. Would that be ok or too much for a 10 gal? I'm thinking sand as the substrate & live plants Java Fern/Moss & Anubias. The tank will be set up in a low light room so I need hardy plants. Am I on the right track?
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You would be just about maxed out with that amount of fish in a 10 gallon but if you heavily plant it and keep up with weekly water changes, you should be ok.

However, I'd stick with male guppies only. Otherwise, you'll end up with many many guppies and will def. be overstocked. And corys do best in larger groups than 3. A thought would be a centerpiece fish like a male betta and 6 cories OR a small school of male guppies and a snail or two.
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Corys need a larger tank than a 10, in my opinion, so I would go for snails. I've found Corys to be very inactive in small tanks, but that's just my experience.

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I agree witg Jaysee. cories need more room than one might think
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