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What to get????

Alright so I'm starting to get things together for breeding. I have a 10 gallon tank and the jars for later but what should I get for the transfer of the fry? Some people say a 20 gallon is ok and others say to go bigger like a koi pond. Also what is the best thing to feed the parents and the fry? I know bloodworms is one. I have heats and filters. Is there anything else I'm missing?
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Fry food I would say get brine shrimp eggs as you will need to hatch baby brine shrimp to feed to your spawn. Also a microworm culture to feed to your spawn. Blood worms are to big for fry.

You are also going to need a sponge filter as well and heaters as fry do best at 84 degrees. If you have a small spawn 20 gallons is okay but if you have more prep to put them in 30 gallon tanks.

I also get live plants for the spawn tank and growout tank, floating plants the babies can sleep in and can help keep water quality good.

Also a bucket and an airline tube for water changes later on. After 2 weeks of age you should start doing water changes on the spawn tank.
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