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Hello, I just got a Betta fish today, and it won't eat!
Hmm I gave it 3 pallets but it swims around the food!

The fish is very active, and does not seem to like her home!
I put it in a small fish tank about the starter home size!
I'm scared the water may have been too cold!
It also had a semi bumpy car ride! Agh,
Would the water temp & the car ride affect it greatly?!

Some help please! Thank-You in advance!
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A lot of bettas never eat when you first get them home. Wait to feed again for about a day and see if it's gotten hungry.

Betta's actually need a 2.5 gallon home, some can manage to keep their bettas in a 1 gallon but then you end up changing the water like 3 times a week. 2.5 gallons allow you to do 2 partial changes a week which is better for the betta and easier on you. "Starter" betta homes are usually 1/2 gallon tanks and a lot of people consider them as "betta death traps".

You need to get a thermometer and heater in the tank. Optimal temp is 78 degrees. Here's a good heater

Silk plants are also a must...they will rip their fins on most plastic ones.
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cold water is nto good for them, the optimum temp is around 78 degrees, so that could have something to do with it, but most fish wont eat at first, so make sure you scoop out uneaten pellets/flakes or whatever so they dont rot. i feed mine 2 am and 2 pm but i have a small female that gets 1 am and 1 pm, if she is small you m ay have to cut the pellets in half. the bigger the tank the easier it is to care for them, because you dont have to do as many water changes and its easier to regulate the temp. I keep mine in 2 gallon and 2.5 gallon tanks but i have 2 females that are in 1/2 gallons until my tank finishes cycling
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