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I appreciate all the help this forum has given me. I have really learned alot about the proper care of my two bettas.
\I have been doing a fishless cycle on my 10 gallon tank. I test every 8 to 12 hrs or so.

My question is if my ammonia reading has been 0 after 8 to 12 hrs every day should I add the ammonia every time the reading gets to 0. I'm then getting the ammonia level back up between 1 and 2, waiting 8 to 12 hrs and rechecking ammonia and then nitrites.

The nitrite level is what I am working on now. It has been off the chart since I have been testing for nitrites, I started on Friday the 16th.

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Keep up the work til everything evens out. My 5g took almost 2 months!! The fish will love you for it though. Well if they knew and understood
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Yep, you need to keep adding the ammonia or else the ammonia-eating bacteria will starve and your cycle will have to be done over. Keep on dosing it until the nitrites get down to zero (like your ammonia's doing now) and your nitrates start to climb. Once the ammonia and nitrite are both steadily at zero for I'd say about a week, you can do a water change to bring the nitrate down to safe levels (about 10-20 ppm is fine) then add your fish. Good luck!
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