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Sparta can't "Sink"

Okay so this isnt the first time this happened. Second infact. My fish Sparta a red and white CT can't seem to stay at the bottom of the tank. He just floats right back up to the top and kinda "lays" on his side. I haven't changed anything in the tank between these two times this has happened (only a few days apart.) and my other fish is fine (They share a divided 10 g). I haven't fed him yet today as I usually feed them around 10:30pm Central Pacific Time as that is what time I go to bed amd it is part of my nightly routine.
What could be causing this?
How do I fix it?

I don't have a 2nd Hospital Tank.
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does he look a little bloated around the middle? sounds like sbd. watch him to make sure he's pooping, try putting 1 tsp/gallon epsom salts in the water if he isn't and see if that helps. i believe the usual causes are stress, eating low-quality pellets or foods with a lot of wheat filler in them, or genetic reasons (a deformed swimbladder)... some fish are just more prone to it than others, it can come and go.
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He's always looked a little bloated in the middle. I've tried fasting him and I went 2 days without feeding him and the bloated look never went away. I've only been giving him two pellets every other day as any more than that makes the bloating worse for a few minutes (around 4 and then he's back to himself. Right now though he is in a 10g divided with 2 snails a 2nd betta and a pleco, my hospital tank is currently being used by my newest member for QT till I get his 20g and can set that up and such. (Though I may just get him a 5g and make my 20g a sorority. ) But that's off topic. Sparta shares a tank and I dont want to harm the other inhabitants but at the same tim I don't have the extra tank for him (other than a practically bare 80g which would not be ideal)

Oh! And when I found him floating I hadn't fed him. The last thing I fed him was his monthy blood worms (just 2 small ones) and I would have no idea as to what would stress him out. Nothing has changed but the water and I've done to it EXACTLY what I do every time. I even add a smidge of stress coat (1/8th of a tsp.) to the whole tank. I've had the filter off (which isn't even on his side of the tank) for about two weeks and I jusr did a WC 4days ago. I don't wanna do too many and freak my live plants out though either.

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