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Question New 29 gallon NPT help please

I have the sticky on NPTs printed up and will be referring to it religiously. I never got to meet Oldfishlady, but she really seems to know what she was talking about and made a guide easy for us newbies to follow.

Anyway, I've ended up with twice as many females as I had a week ago all the sudden (I was expecting 2 and ended up getting 6), so it's time to set up my 29 gallon sorority. I'll have a total of 14 ladies going in it to start. I want to make this a NPT (my goal is for ALL my tanks to be NPT) and was wondering what wonderful advice and suggestions you all might have for me.

I currently have a 10 gallon tank set up as my sorority, heavily planted, and these plants will move over to the 29 gallon and help me start that one as well. I need to get more plants, soil, substrate, more hidey holes, extra. Anything else? I have snails & a couple cory cats I can add as well.

Shrimp - how many should I use? No pet store around here carries them. I talked to my LPS and they can only order 200 at a time. They have no other use for them, so unless I want the full 200 they won't order them for me. I have 5 - 10 gallons (plan on buying a 6th) that will also become NPTs as time and finances allow, so if I knew how to keep them could always house any extra shrimp until they were needed, but 200 still seems like an awful lot to me. Would I do better ordering just the amount I need from online? How many is suggested for a 29 gallon NPT?

I need more cory cats I believe, or with the shrimp do I need them at all in the NPT? Right now they are in my fry tank.

Lighting - this I need all kind of help on. I've been real lucky with my selection of plants and not killing them off. All I've had for lighting is a regular tank hood, a desk lamp, or sunlight. For a 29 gallon NPT what should I be looking for?

All my new ladies will be in QT for at least 2 weeks, and they can be kept there longer, so I have the time I need to do this right and I want to make sure I do.
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Well, as far as lighting goes if you want good plant growth I would look into a t-5 set up, I got mine off of ebay for my 46 gal for 49.99 free shipping dual bulb t-5 6500k sweet deal topdog sellers is whom I got it from, as far as what to do i would honestly get the 29 gal set up and planted and cycled, the first week of a npt that is heavily stocked can be stressful with ammonia spikes my 29 gallon had been set up for a bit while I worked out the plants and getting lighting and so on before I completely stocked it, just test the water a lot the first week or 2 like daily and be ready to do 50% water changes often, in my 29 gal I have 15 girls 5 ottos and 8 corys but before people chime in that it's over stocked it is heavily planted and has a canister and a hob, it tests out at 0-0-0, I believe that you can have more fish with more filters and plants look at your local fish stores tanks for proof of this........
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Location: Hampton, Virginia
Thank you Stone. I was just telling my mom that the girls would likely end up in QT longer than the minimum two weeks while I get the tank set up right. I'd much rather do this right than fast and am lucky enough that I can take that time. Going to have 12 bettas in QT, but with all the water changes I have already it won't make that big a difference.

Time to get some research done on cycling tanks. That's one things I haven't done yet, but I feel better doing it fishless the first time anyway.

Off topic, but I am SO excited right now. Awaiting my mail man and 10 new fishy! All quality for breeding. 6 male & 4 females. I know I have a pair of chocolate HM and a pair of grizzle HMs, that's what I bought from the lady, but she is moving and had to find some quick, good homes for some of her babies so she threw in 6 more (4 males & 2 females for free) I know they are siblings to some of the ones I bought, but she's left it as a surprise for me as to exactly what they are. More chocolate (I hope!) or more grizzle? Maybe more of both? My first actual breedable bettas so I'm bouncing around the house impatiently waiting the mail man!
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You do not have to have cory cats or shrimp in an NPT. Soemone should probably check my math, but I think you are at your stocking limit with the number of females you have.

Shrimp really need an established tank. Sure, some folks are fine right off the bat, but new tanks tend to cause shrimp death. Have fun researching and revisit the issue in 6 months. At that point, your water parameters will be solidly established and you will know what, if anything, you need to adjust to keep shrimp.

If you are worried about algae and cleanup, go with vacumming and a few snails (nerites recommended) to start. Snails have their own bioload, but nerites don't reproduce in freshwater so you can keep it under control.

Just my two cents.
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