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cycling confusion...

So I have had my three neons now in their 10 gallon new home since Tuesday, and they seem to be doing wonderfully. I tested the water yesterday morning, and there was ammonia (>.5), the NitrITES were at zero, and NitrATES were at about 20ppm. I test with for ammonia and a 6 in one test for nitrites, nitrates, chlorine, hardness, alkalinity and ph (all were right on, 'cept the water is hard).

The ammonia was a little high, so, I did a 10% water change (1 gallon). Tested last night at about 10 (9 hrs after water change), ammonia was zero, nitrITE was zero and nitrATE was at about 20 ppm. Just did another reading (about 12 hrs later), and it was the same. I would like to possibly add EITHER 3 more neons, three flame tetras, or three male guppies. I know that the tank could not have cycled that fast...but the parameters are right on...Suggestions?

BTW...The Betta is LOVING being king of his 2 gallon world...his parameters are right on too .
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OH! I forgot to say that I added StressZyme to the initial 10 gallons on Tuesday.
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teres a product you can get at many pet stores and maybe even walmart or something but im not sure, you add it to the tank and it is all the bacteria and such that cycling creates (the good ones) and you can add fish the day after you add it. i cant remember what its called.
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Buy a liquid test kit. The test strips are very inaccurate. Get the liquid test kit then test your tap water straight from the tap for nitrates. You may already have nitrates in your tap water. It's impossible for a tank is be cycled after only 2 days.
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