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Old 08-21-2008, 08:20 PM   #1 
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Got the liquid test...

WHAT A PAIN! But still kind of fun to play chemist.

The tests read pretty much like the strips.

10 Gal (3 neon tetras, and now 3 male turquoise and yellow guppies *not adding any more for a couple of weeks*):

Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 20

2 Gallon (1 Male Betta): *HELP*

Ammonia: 1.0
Nitrite .25
Nitrate: 20

I immediately did another 50% change (I did one this morning too), and it looks like there is still waste in the gravel. Should I take Ernesto out, wash everything out and start kind of over again?? Or just keep changing the water?? BTW, his coloring is fine...he seems active and happy.

Next week, classes begin again (I am a doctoral student), and I will not have the time to change the water and test it every day (unless it is with the strips)...



PS: the 2 gallon is not filtered, just an airstone.
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you will probably have to change the water ina 1 gallon 3 times a week. do you have a gravel vacume or turkey baster? works great for getting everything outa the bottom
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Old 08-21-2008, 09:31 PM   #3 
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i highly recommend NOT taking everything out and cleaning it and starting over.. as this will start your cycle over.. the benificial bacteria thrives in gravel, filter media, and aquarium decorations. your best bet is to continue with water changes. and navs right, you prob. will have to do atleast a small water change on such a small tank, a few times a week, it really isnt needed to test the water everyday, after the tank cycles, you can test once a week.
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Old 08-21-2008, 10:19 PM   #4 
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It is a 2 gallon tank...I will schedule changes two- three times/week. Doable. I just hope that we get that ammonia under control soon.

The 10 gallon tank is doing just worries there.

How often should I test the water before it finishes cycling???

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