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Moving Bettas

I have three bettas, all in separate tanks. We are planning a major move across the country and I'm wondering if it's possible to transport the bettas? We are hiring a moving company to move our furniture etc, but it will take a week for them to get to the new house. We are planning on flying down.

Is there any way to take them with us? or would it be better to find them new homes where we are and not stress them with a major move?
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It certainly can be done, although it will require some planning. The best option would be to check them in one of your suitcases (carefully packed of course!) and make sure your bag is checked in a pressurized cabin. (If you call the airline beforehand, you may be able to make sure your bag can be checked in the area where the dogs & such are, as you know it will be a good room temperature as well). Unfortunately with the liquid restrictions, it's no longer possible to take fish as carry on :(.

You'll want to fast the bettas for 2 days beforehand, so they don't pollute the water in their bags. You'll want to pack them in a bag with 2/3 air and 1/3 water. Preferably fill the bags with pure o2 instead of just air. If you can't get o2, add Bag Buddies (a little tab that fizzes and adds air to the bag if you close it right away). I would tie the bags extra carefully tight and triple or quadruple bag them. Then pack them carefully in a sturdy box with styrofoam insulation to prevent rapid changes in temperature. You can get sheets of styro and cut it to fit the sides, bottom and top of your box. Then use bunched up newspaper to pack the bags tightly so they can't jostle around within the box.

Your other option (if you have someone you trust on this end of the move) is to use the same procedure except have someone overnight them to you after you've gone out there and gotten the tanks set up.

Good luck!
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Hmmmm... Well, we're flying Southwest, and I don't think they have a separate cabin for animals. However, your suggestion about sending them overnight sounds like a plan. Thank you!
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