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Heyo :)

Good Afternoon :)

Ugh I guess I could start on a little about myself. . .
(I'm never good at these things)

I'm 26 years old and live in PA. I thought it was high time to get something to take care of besides my terrarium plants.

At first I thought about Koi fish but I researched first (because that's just me, I always research when something is in my mind before doing it) I had my heart set on it and was a bit sad when I read that they should only be Pond dwelling fish, otherwise you'd need a very very very BIG tank. Which wouldn't work because I live in a town house in the city.

Obviously my next train of thought was on goldfish with similar coloration to Koi fish, but after reading up on how much water they would need to thrive I was a bit beside myself. I talked to a friend about it, asking her opinions and such and she cautioned me on goldfish and how much waste they produce and told me the story about how as a child she introduced one to a betta fish she had for some time. She told me how the ammonia of the goldfish poisoned the betta before it was able to successfully attack and kill it, resulting in the loss of both.

She told me how much she loved her betta and how sad she was about loosing her first real pet. She was uneducated at the time, as most children are. But after talking to her I was inspired to look up the fish. I instantly fell in love. The beautiful colors, the tail, it was so overwhelming. In the course of two days I've looked at different videos, read all the material I could find on them and decided, yes, this is the fish I'm going to acquire. This is the fish that will be my baby, my pride and joy.

She helped me look for tanks and I looked online for all the things I would need. I figured if I purchase early and set the tank up properly that when I get my fish baby that he can move into his home without having to stay in a baggie for a full day.

So I went on Amazon and found a 5 gallon tank, the heater, thermometer, conditioning fluid, gravel, a cute little bridge and some silk plants (which cost me more but I want to do things right, I'm contemplating getting more decorations though, probably when I can actually go to the store). I still do need to get a water testing kit but I'll get it at the store.

I am so excited. The supplies come in tomorrow and I can get my baby on Saturday along with additional stuff.

So today I found this place and decided to join the community in case I need any advice from others about how to properly take care of my future baby. :)

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Hi there so happy and excited for you ! You are going to love having a Betta fish they are such smart and amazing little guys and your plan to get everything ready and set up before you get him is great . So nice to have you here on the forum with us, it sure has helped me lots when I got my Betta almost a year ago, he was my first fish ever and I would have been totally lost about his proper care if not for the forum. Enjoy !
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Thank you for the welcome :) My shipments are supposed to come in today and I'm very excited about it.
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