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Old 05-12-2013, 04:47 PM   #11 
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Will adding plants (live ones) allow a tank to support more fish?

My wife picked up a bunch of extra fish yesterday, and we have:
5 Zebra Danios
5 Neon Tetra
1 Male Betta
3 Mystery Snails
2 African Dwarf Frogs

In a 10G Half-moon tank, with filter and bubbles.

They seem to be doing alright when we watch them. We don't have anywhere to rehome them and no room to set up a second tank. :(
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awesome i want to see your tank :)
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Ackis- That is way too many fish for a 10 gallon. Some people even recommend not putting any other fish in with bettas in 10 gallon tanks (only snails, inverts, and ADFs). I would rehome the danios, at last two of the snails, and possibly the ADFs. Check on Craigslist, there are always people looking to buy fish near me, or you could put out an ad to give them away. Could your wife bring them back in exchange for store credit? You should also -really- have a heater in your tank. To answer your question: not really. Plants can help with the bioload, but that doesn't mean you can throw tons of fish that swim at the same level into a tank and expect it to be fine. It won't be.
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