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How you might the Petsmart manager to change the betta dirty water

I asked the guy watching the fish to change the water of the females (I was aiming for the least I figured I could get out of him) they looked the worst as they often do since they are not typicall as pretty as the males they get ignored. Sometimes I think that stores want to kill them. He said he didn't know how that he was just filling in for the night. I reminded him it wasn't right for them to be like that and you know. He got the manager and I think they were hoping I'd leave they were dragging quite bit. The manager was in the office.
At one point the employee ran what I assume was a log book for water changes. Finally the manager came out with a five gallon bucket and empty one and got to work. (about 30 minutes) I thanked him. I told him I hate buying bettas from a place that doesn't care for them properly. He told me the water is supposed to get changed Mon, Wed and Fri. Obviously it had not been done. I do believe some fish people who had coincidentally all called off that tonight will get a lecture. So if you have a little extra time for a betta sit in perhaps you can try this too especially if you buy one from the store.

He was changing all of the bettas water's not just the females. The unfortunate part is I saw they dump the betta and the dirty water into the dirty water and scoop them back up again with some of the dirty water and add clean. It's rough process and certainly not good for them but at least they were getting more clean water than dirty.
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Yea, I had always wondered how exactly they did the water changes... I figured they prob shocked them when they changed it out :( but, at least it's clean.

I like the advice on the "sit-in" that was very wonderful of you to do that for those bettas! I bet they appreciated the cleaner water! Good Job jadaBlu! :D

I will take ur advice next time I see this injustice myself!!
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Good on you :) I actually did this recently at a Meijer store(it's like Walmart but better lol) The fish person wasn't there so they sent a guy from ammo down. He was very nice and didn't seem annoyed or anything that I asked him to do it.

Some of the bettas were in an inch of water while others were in green I mean super green water and others in yellow water with lots of debris at the bottom. Also there were two in one cup... He ended up putting the beat up one into one of those spare square things they put the fish in when they get them out for someone.

I was there for the whole process which took quite some time but when he finished I was so pleased with his good attitude, and the fact that it wasn't even his job, I asked for his name and thanked him heavily. And proceeded to let the store manager know what an awesome employee he was so that he would get recognition.

He obviously did a better job than whomever they had as a fish person... And I felt like I did a good deed that day :)
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