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Tank Water and Stresscoat+

So I moved two of my three boys into the 10 g that I split 3 ways. I ended up putting two of my snails in the middle divider, and then the two boys on either end. Anyway, tonight when I went to put food in I noticed an iridescent shimmer (almost like oil on water) on the top of the water. I use StressCoat +, and that's the only thing I can think it might be. The fish are acting normal, at least they seem to be. I just changed the water, and I may have overdosed the StressCoat + a bit, but not much. And, I noticed the divider where I poured the water seems to have the most. So, have anyone had that happen? Or should I be concerned about it?
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Yup, it happens to me too. Usually it's when I am double dosing to treat fin rot. I haven't noticed anything harmful from it and my fish don't seem to mind. But it sure does make the water look gross on top. lol
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It could also be from feeding high protein foods. Sometimes when there isn't enough water movement you'll get an oily base on top but it's generally nothing to worry about. Just making sure that no food is left in there will also help but if the foods you have are high protein you will get an oily film no matter what if there isn't enough current. And of course with it being divided there will be very little water movement furthest from the filter.

You can use your finger to swish it around a bit to get rid of some, it should go away with water changes though or more water movement. I use two filters in my 10 gallon and it's split 3 ways as well.
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I don't have a filter. It's nice to know that it can be normal. I've never noticed it before. But, then again this is the first time I've had a tank low enough that I could easily see into it. Most my tanks sit up high, where the fish are at eye level. This tank is on the floor.
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