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Old 05-17-2013, 09:10 AM   #1 
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Doesnt make bubble nest

I conditioned my pair with JBL-redmico and JBL novos.

after two weeks of conditioning, I put male and female into breeding tank. I put female into jar and male is free swimmer.

Put some eledoa densa and white glass cup.

male flares and wacks his body but does not build nest.

should I feed my male and female? or should I seperate them?

they've been in breeding tank for 24 hours.

not even a little bubble nest has done.

female is ready to breed. her ovipositor is visible and her horizontal lines became vertical as well
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Is the male ready to breed or is he just trying to fight her? I don't look for nests nor breeding bars. I look at the way they swim, what I call flirt swimming. both must flirt, then you could breed them. Otherwise they may fight.
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Secluding the male and allowing them to see the female for a couple minutes a day works very well to get them ready to spawn.
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Male wags her body and shows his beards. I released the female and male wags his body and chases female hits little little nothing fatal but nothing about breeding as well :)
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