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Unhappy Swim Bladder Disorder

So I recently started a sorority and it is doing GREAT!!! No casualties and for the most part there was very little fighting. Everything has settled down now though. Anyway, while I was purchasing my females, I saw a beautiful female that had a bad case of SBD. My hope is that eventually she will recover and be introduced into the sorority. I have cured SBD before and know the basics but she has got it bad and I need to pull out all the stops here. She is in a half gallon tank that is heated with lots of large leaf plants and no gravel. I have not fed her since I got her which is two days. Any other tips? I have grown attached to her and would hate to see her go. Please help!!!!!
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Epsom Salt. It took my male from slightly still floaty to totally normal over night. I'll go find the dosage because I can't quite remember it but someone else might come along with it first.

ETA found it: 1 TSP per gallon predisolved in a glass or tank water or new water if you're doing a water change add it slowly over an hour. I believe you can go up to 3 TSP per gallon but you have top work up to it over a few days.

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great! thank you so much I will try this. Hopefully it works, I will keep you posted.
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SBD can be caused by internal infections, too, so be very careful of that before putting her into the sorority. SBD is often chronic, can be caused by a genetic defect to the swim bladder. I had a fish with chronic SBD and he'd be fine on epsom salts but went back to floating every time I took him off of them. I also had a girl in my sorority who liked to overeat and got some buoyancy issues and got really beat up by the other girls and she actually passed away, I found her with shredded fins and missing an eye... I don't think she was sick, but stressed by the combination of not being able to swim normally and being targeted by the other girls. You do NOT want a girl with swimming issues in a sorority.

When my VT first developed SBD, it was caused by internal parasites. Now he has it again, but with pineconed scales (I treated him with kanaplex and he's not pineconing anymore). It's also commonly caused by overfeeding but I don't think that pet stores really overfeed their fish...

Anyways, add the epsom salt and watch for poo (I'm hoping it's a bare-bottomed QT tank?) Epsom salt is very mild, I've used it a lot, up to 3tsps per gallon, for very long periods of time. It is also extremely effective. It needs to be added slowly but it's not going to shock or harm your fish at all. It is even good for live plants and I have never heard of it harming snails... But it might mess with the pH a bit.

Anyways, if you happen to see any white stringy poo then you do not want to fast her. With internal parasites, feeding them helps them push out those parasites and epsom salt also acts like a laxative. Be weary and give her a generous QT time before putting her into a sorority tank... If her symptoms go away, take her off the epsom salt and observe her for a week before introducing her to a sorority tank to make sure the lack of epsom salt doesn't cause a relapse.

Edit: also, just trust me on this because I have dealt with SBD in three of my fish, caused by three different reasons, I have lost a fish to dropsy, treated on for internal parasites, cured one of dropsy and am in the middle of treating another for dropsy. I know a lot about internal problems from experience (Epsom salt is my best friend, lol). A fish with SBD issues is very likely to have reoccuring SBD issues. I'm not saying all will, but of my three who had SBD, one was chronic SBD and the other two had it go away and come back. I think that genetically, their swim bladders were more sensitive. But after losing a girl in my sorority who had SBD issues (no other issues besides buoyancy) I REALLY recommend that you think about putting her in a sorority. Floating makes it extremely hard for them to swim and the other girls will take advantage of that, trust me. My girl seemed fine one day and was dead the next.

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