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Old 05-10-2013, 12:25 AM   #1 
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If your fish had parasite and Popeye how long did it take for them to recover?

I am feeling a little discouraged today watching my Nano He's more lethargic today than normal. He has a swollen belly(no pineconing). The popeye showed up after the parasite treatment. I did API GC for 6 days. He's on Kanaplex orally at this point (it was in the hospital tank). I've been getting helpful advice. If you've had a fish with similar problems how long did it take for the fish to get better?
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Location: Midwest
Well Nano looks pretty bad today. He turning whitish gray in front and he has some brown ( he is normally blue) and he has stress stripe he is very,very lethargic. For the first time he won't eat. His lower fin is red internally which you can see if you shine a light on it. The red has spread since earlier this week. He's been on Kanaplex orally. He still swims up if I call his name but he then settles back to just floating in the tank. He is in his tank now I took him out of the hosptal tank hoping it would perk him up. I am really discouraged.
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I'm really sorry I dont have experience with sick bettas : ( I'm sorry I cant be of any help. I feel bad, and hope things will be ok
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I am sorry he is not responding to treatment, I have lost 3 bettas in the last month 2 of my fish one from dropsy one from mystery bloat and the rescue that just did not respond well to the fungus treatment and was too far gone, Sometimes you can do everything right and bring in your A game and all of that and you still lose a fish, this last month I feel like I have failed, but in the big picture of things I have saved a lot of fish and have given my all in saving the ones who just did not make it. the one thing I have noticed is rescued fish depending on how far gone they were never seem to live as long as ones who were never sick, makes me not want to rescue any but alas I still rescue when I have the room and do my best to save them and give them a good home and take care of them as best I can till they do pass what can I say I am a sucker for the ones who do need the help
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