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Planning to Breed in the Future/Shopping List

Alright, here's the setup idea.

Two of these racks.

On the second shelf I'll have two 10g tanks that are twice divided like this.

That way I can keep 6 good breeding males.

On the shelf below that one, I'll have a 20g Long Sorority with my breeding females.

The rest of the shelves on this rack will be for jarred males.

The second rack will hold my 10g spawning tank. Next to it will be another 10g grow out tank.

On the shelf below that will be another 20g L that I will use for a grow out for the sisters of my spawns. The rest of the shelf space will be used for jarred males.

Is this a good starting plan? Am I aiming too high? I'm in no rush and I have plenty of time to gather the needed materials to be absolutely ready when the right time comes.

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Reference Team
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That sounds fairly good, but how will you heat the jars?
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I did not think of that. Any tips on heating the jars?
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In a baine marie type set-up using a tank and just putting the jars in that?
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A good start.. here are a few suggestions/thoughts though to consider :)

In that set up you will be able to do 1 spawn every 3/4+ months, which if that is what you prefer then it's good :)
The only way to make it quicker is if you have another large tank to toss in the remaining females from the grow out to make room for new coming juveniles. Or you have someone willing to purchase all the females at once when they are a little young.

The breeding females may not be able to live peacefully in the sorority after spawning.. some are fine, some aren't.. so make sure to have spare tanks just in case they can't.

Make sure each pair has their own small container/tank that you can place side by side (with enough room to place a piece of paper/cardboard in between), something like a smaller kritter keeper will work.. but you will need to condition them separate from the other fish and still be able to see each other.

2 10 gallon grow outs are fine if you have small spawns.. (one is your spawn tank, so again you won't be able to breed until you rid of your fish).. but would be idea to have a couple more 10s at the very least, or preferred (and easier) larger tanks such as 29g+.. a recent spawn I had to use the 2 29g grow outs I had available at the time and still didn't have enough room for all the fry and ended up having to cull down a couple hundred just so they can grow properly. I use double stands for my grow out tanks - these are what I use.. I also have them for 10 gallons, the bottom tanks hold either some grow out, but generally are my plant "grow out" tanks - where I keep my plants growing when not in a fry/juvie tank. I also use stands up to the 29g for these as well.
So I would consider another larger grow out.. and most breeders end up with a 55g+ tank to hold all the girls they get when they need to move new juvies into the grow out tanks.

Make sure you have enough jars/containers - you will probably want enough room for a hundred or so.. you will still have some needing to fill out (fin wise) when the next batch is ready to start being jarred, etc. So you will want to make sure you have plenty of space for more of them..
My idea would be another rack similar to that one, get some plywood cut to size of the shelves and here is what I use to warm up my containers - Flexwatt heat tape (halfway down the page). It's pricey to start up, but it's SO worth it.. will need extra wires (can purchase at any hardware store), and a thermostat.. but you can connect all your rows into one thermostat and keep all your containers warmed to your liking, while being safe.
I found using the tub with water + heater is just too much.. huge amount of humidity, a jump in insect activity, lots of water use to top it off daily, lots of outlets needed for all the heaters you will have to purchase, etc etc.. I went the "cheap" route at first with the water in a container.. but between the humidity, the slime the water puts on the containers, not able to see the fish clearly, etc etc.. just broke it down and went with something simpler and all around better (in my opinion).

Also keep in mind, some fish who see other fish all the time start to become desensitized, so you will want to do a little different way to condition - I have mine seeing one another all the time, but when breeding time comes I have to give the pair a "time out" from all other fish for about a week in order to get them back to being aggressive enough to want to breed.. but that is just my experience.

Overall in the end, you will be using up a TON more space than what you plan.. don't forget you'll need space for the BBS hatcheries, other live foods, equipment, etc. I tried to compact it as much as I can at first.. then eventually you give up and just be thankful if you can keep it all nice and organized :) lol

Good luck!
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