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New Tank

I've had my Betta for about six months now -- I just acquired a new 10-gallon tank and was wondering if that is too large for him - or should I just leave him in his 1-gallon bowl? If I can use the new tank - it comes with an air filter and light...would it still be okay to put him in there? If so, would he be able to live with one of those fish that clean the sides of the tank and the rocks (I don't know the exact name of those fish, but my roommate suggested it for the larger tank) - or would my Betta attack the other fish?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.
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A ten gallon is great for a betta! The more room the better! But you'll need a filter and heater. And you'll need to set the tank up and allow it to cycle for a while before adding your fish.

There are plenty of options for an algae eater. Your probably thinking about a pleco. Most species of plecos can grow to be 18 plus inches. I believe the rubber nose stays at like 5-6 inches, and same with the clown pleco. But I think your best option in your ten gallon would be Oto, they are super cute and stay really small. You could get 4-5 of these. Mystery snails are great additions to your tank too. And any kind of shrimp, I like the japanese algae eating shrimp, a bit more expensive but well worth it. Then you have the perfect clean up crew.

Heres a little oto
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its fine. at one point when i was getting ready to start my sorority, i kept a single small female in a 30 gallon by herself. you could even go get a divider and keep 2 bettas in there if you wanted :)
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Definitely move the betta to the larger tank. He'll appreciate the extra space and stable water conditions.

You want to avoid any large pleco species, such as the common plecostomus since they grow so large. In addition to the rubber lip and clown pleco that Little-Fizz mentioned, the bristlenose pleco also stays much smaller. Plecos appreciate having some driftwood in their diets and the driftwood is essential for the clown pleco.

Otos would also work fine in that size tank but they can be really delicate so they should only be added once the tank has had time to mature and grow some algae.

Also, avoid getting a Chinese algae eater. These are often sold as simply "algae eaters." They get fairly large but they also do a poor job of eating algae and get to be very aggressive.
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I appreciate the suggestions. Next payday I'm going to buy a filter (and a heater) for the tank. Hopefully within a week my Betta will be in his new home. Thanks again.
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