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Cories with bettas

I have a 5 gallon and a divided 10 gallon... 3 male bettas. The gravel is always ridiculously dirty despite vacuuming every week during the 50% water change. (cycled tanks) Could I put a cory in with each betta to help with the junk in the gravel. I know cories need to be in groups of 3 or more, but....?
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Cory's aren't for cleaning the gravel like most people are led to believe.

The cory's will however kick up things from time to time but it's not like what you're thinking. And yes cory's will get very stressed when not in a group of 4 or more so that's a no go, I'm sorry.

The only thing that can help clean your gravel is you, you can try doing two 25% changes during the week to help keep it clean. Usually during the week I'll use a never-seen-soap Turkey Baster to clean out their poo and then gravel twice a week which seems to help loads.

Do you have a filter?
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When we first got our bettas my gravel was also extremely dirty and icky. After much cleaning and making my own life harder (that's my normal story there) I finally figured out I was over feeding the bettas and making my work much harder in the cleaning area.

I cut down what I was feeding them to just once a day, sometimes twice a day to 3 to 5 pellets at a time and making sure they do eat them all within a few minutes and that they don't sink to the bottom. I also only feed flakes about twice a week and make sure that they eat all them as well. Flakes are way easy to over feed and make a mess with. I'd recommend pellets over flakes any day but variety is nice sometimes.
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