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I'm planning on getting at least one betta fish for my dorm room and I had a few questions...
1. Is it really ok to keep 2 males in a tank with a divider? and about how much space, in your opinion, should they each have. Would it be better to have a male and female as long as they were separated?
2. I know they need a low filter, but how many gph is low?
3. What types of plants do they prefer?
I'm sure I'll come up with more in the next few days... I dont plan on buying them until I know all the basics of caring for them. Thanks for any help!! :D
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min 2 gallons each, optimum probably 2.5 some say 5 but i keep several in 2 and 2.5 gallons and they are fine, i fyou could get either a 5 or 10 gallon glass tank and divide it that would be fine, you will want plants/caves things they can hide in and a heater if you can maintain a steady high 70s temp, whisper filters seem to be good, i had a nice marineland one but it was too strong, so i have a whisper filter for my bigger tanka and you can get smaller ones. gravel is optional, they like a varying diet best :) good luck.
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Gravel is optional only if you have a filter. I recommend having both. Gravel looks good and houses a lot of beneficial bacteria. I agree - Whisper filters make good betta filters because they have an adjustable flow rate. Sponge filters would also be a good choice. If you're keeping two fish in one tank, a standard 5.5 gallon would be suitable. Just be sure to get either an opaque divider or some live or silk plants to block the view from one side to the other.

Bettas like plants in general, although it's hard to say which ones they really "prefer." What kind of plants you can keep depends more on the lighting, fertilization and CO2 you're willing to provide. Some easy plants are java fern and java moss, but bettas also really like floating plants like hornwort, duckweed and water lettuce.

Just be sure to have a heater and cycle the tank completely before purchasing your fish.
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