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i just got my betta and fed it flake betta food. it would chew it up and spit little pieces back out. so i bought some pellet betta food thinking that it just didnt like flakes but it still spits its food out. what is wrong. why wont it eat
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Bettas can be picky eaters, but don't give in and give it some sort of treat food that it will eat then use this as a staple. Treat foods include brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms. Instead, you'll want to keep offering either the flake or the pellet (the pellets are usually better) until the fish gets hungry. Remove any food the fish won't eat after a couple of minutes. Then, offer more pellets at the next feeding. Eventually, the fish will be hungry enough to eat them and feeding shouldn't be a problem from that point onwards.
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Sometimes bettas won't eat the first few days after bringing them home. They can also be picky eaters and spit out everything given to them. I would keep trying the pellets. I find that the floating pellets work best for my fish. I have never had any problem with mine not eating. They have always eaten like little pigs. Hahaa. Good luck.
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I agree, pellets are definitely my experience (which is like, less than a year haha, but regardless) flakes make the water dirtier faster. With pellets, the fish eats them and is done...flakes, not so much.

I'm just curious though...I've read that you shouldn't feed your bettas a lot, like 3 or 4 pellets a day max, but a lot of other people seem to feed their betta a lot more. Which is best?
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I would suggest that you take one of the pellets and put it in a small glass of water. After five or six minutes ,take a look see at how much food one of these pellets actually represents. In a small enviornment any uneaten food will foul the water quickly. You can use turkey baster to remove what is not eaten. I would feed no more than two or three pellets per day. No one ever lost fish by feeding once a day with the exception of babies who need slightly more.
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I feed each of my fish 2 pellets in the morning and 2 in the evening.
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It happened to my Betta too.
Give it a few days keep trying to feed him and follow what iamntbatman said in the first post.
Bettas are so picky but he'll eat when he get's hungry enough, it could even take up to a week.
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