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what light do you use?

I'm thinking of planting my next tanks. they're critter keepers so they don't come with a light so I pretty much have a blank slate of possibilities. I don't really have enought money do buy a light $30+ so I might have to wait a while... I don't plan on doing C02 but I'll consider it later down the road.

both my 5gs have 6500k bulbs so I was wondering what plants you reccommend for me. I have a gravel substrate, I'll get some root tabs if I need too.

I don't want to buy my plants from my petco or petsmart (only stores in town) so I need a good website for plants or a member who will sell me a few plants for a good price!

anyways what lights do you have and what plants do you grow with them!! please include pictures!!
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for Kirtter keepers, Student desk lamps works great :)
There are lots of low light plants that you can choose from...
including anacharis/elodea, java fern, java moss, anubias, crypts, water sprite, water wisteria...
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