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Ernesto doesn't seem to be recouping his finnage...LONG POST

First off: He is still very active and eating well.

He has another little hole in his tail fin. I do not know what to do!

I am pretty darned faithful with his changes. ('cept for the mistake with overdoing it with a 100% change), doing regular 50% changes twice/week). I kept 2 other Bettas a long time ago (one in undergrad and one in grad school), and they never suffered fin rot like this. I, then being 13-14 years younger and not too knowlegable (still am not), kept them in small bowls (about 1/2 gallon) with no heater and no filtration. I did water changes every other day. Now that I am doing everything the right, adult way (bigger space, hiding spot, heater, filter...), he seems to be in trouble. What gives?

I stopped the Betta Fix, did a 50% change and a couple of hours later did another 50% change adding just betta conditioner and a pinch of aquarium salt with each change.

I do not have any plants in there right now, because the silk plant I got was WAY too big. He has a little sunken ship that he can swim into to hide.

So, I added a mini filter to his 2 gallon tank...not a whole lot of flow. It really just bubbles and has activated carbon/zeolite. It is a Penn-Plax Smallworld pump and filter. I rinsed and installed it (to get the BettaFix out of the water). I took out the airstone...too many things going on in the little tank at once.

I have not tested the water b/c of the BettaFix.
(I have test strips AND the API freshwater kit)

The tank (it is only a 2 gallon) was not cycled. I had read in several places that anything under 5 gallons does not need to be cycled. Am I wrong?

So, I bought Quick Cure (it is for protozoan parasites and supposedly helps fin rot) by Aquariom Products and am kind of scared to use it...I don't want the situation to get worse, but I don't want to "love" him to death either.

Grr...frustrated. Can anyone help?

BTW, lest you think that I have a Black Fin when it comes to fishies...the 10 gallon tank is doing GREAT! all fish are doing just fine. I would add Ernesto, but there are fancy guppies (3) neons (3) and Mickey Mouse Platys (2) in there, so that is a no go. Plus that would be so overcrowded. It is kind of on the brink now...but all is stable, and I am done adding anything more until I lose someone (which hopefully is not for a while).

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STOP with the salt you are killing your fish. If you are adding salt with each water change then over time the water will become too uncomfortable for your fish. The only way to remove salt is with water changes using water with no salt. I would also use a good dechlorinator such as PRIME or AMQUEL+. They do exactly the same thing as betta conditioner without the aloe vera that in my expierience only serves to gum up the filter if the conditioner you are using does indeed contain aloe vera. Test your ammonia and post the results . Don't do 50 percent water changes without waiting at least 24 hours. Did you rinse the filter in tap water? Better to use old aquarium water. Don't overfeed your fish. Please post what foods you are using and how often and how much you are feeding. Again STOP with the salt. It is ok for temporary treatment of some ailments but should NOT be added at each water change. Do not add anything to the water other than dechlorinator. Your fishes fins will heal within a few weeks but only if you maintain the water quality as described. When water conditions deteriorate fish become stressed, this in turn weakens their immune system which in turn makes them more prone to disease, infections, fin rot, bacterial infections etc. This all takes place slowly And I am always troubled by those who then want to know what medications can they use in the tank and they want IMMEDIATE results. It just don't work that way. It took time for the fishes health to deteriorate and It will take time for fishes health to improve. In a small container the water deteriorates more quickly than in a larger enviornment . Do you and your fish a favor and spring for a five or ten gal tank. You will BOTH be happier.
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You must remove carbon when adding medications to the tank!!!! Carbon removes meds, so your just wasting you time and money adding meds with the carbon in there. And thats probably why you haven't seen any improvements. As soon as you add the meds they are being filtered out.
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I agree with Littlefizz that if carbon is in the mini- filter you are using then It will remove medications. Many of these mini filters simply use floss rather than carbon. My apologies for assuming(always a bad thing) I do not agree with chemicals or meds used in the tank so cannot advise in that respect . I have seen MANY fish improve with the improvemnt of the water quality and still recommend that original poster STOP adding salt at each water change.
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