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new betta owner

Hi, I just bought a betta yesterday, a blue mal who has yet to be named, and I was just wondering about general care. Petsmart (where he was purchased) saidthat all I needed was water conditioner and food. I got the color enhancing food for bettas from Topfin calledtopfin color enhancing betta bits. I feed 3-4 pellets of that at each feeding and feed 2 times per day. I used a small amount of the topfin betta water conditioner when I first filled up his bowl. I have a fish bowl that is about 1/2 gallon or so. It has rocks at the bottom and 3 fake plants. Is there anything else that I need to worry about for his basic care? he is kept on the bookshelf of my dorm room with books stacked on one side of the tank, and 2 walls thn he can look out into the room if he wants but he is way from windows and major changes in temperature or light. is there anything else that I should worry about for him? I also have a few tubifex worm cubes from aquaselect. should I feed those to him or not? any help would be appreciatd. I don't want my poor betta to suffe for my lack of knowledge.
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Things to consider:

1) When you say you put 'a little' water conditioner in the bowl, you should be a little more specific with your measurements. As hardy as they are, tap contaminates will kill them.

2) If you can, I would invest in a bigger living space for your new blue buddy. They thrive better in 1.5 to 2 gallons.

3) You said you had plants. Are they plastic, or silk? If they're plastic, get rid of them; it'll tear your betta's delicate fins to shreds.

4) As for the bloodworms: are they dried or frozen? Dried isn't really good for them because it expands in their stomachs and makes them bloated. They could become constipated. If you do feed it to him, do it sparingly.

Good luck with your new buddy! :)
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Here's our general betta care sheet:
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well its good you kept him out of the window

i would just get the silk or live plants if you either see your fish's fins ripped up or you can test them by running the edges down streached out nylon. if it snags or rips it you'll have to get silk
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