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Old 09-23-2008, 10:37 PM   #1 
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Does my beta KNOW he's just a replacement for my last beta?

I used to have a beta fish (named Ivan) who was completely awesome. He always swam around the tank, made his little bubble nests, ate his food. I kept him in a 3 gallon tank with a filter, a light, and both living and plastic plants, with naturally colored gravel. He never hid when someone came into the room or turned on the light. I also moved him several times (going to and from college in the next state over), but he did not seem to mind, as after a day he'd be back to making his bubbles and normal behavior. I changed 50% of his water once every two weeks, and I didn't really worry about nitrate or temperature, as he was thriving. He died after 3 years.

I recently got another beta (Comrade, the communist fish.) and put him in the same tank (after cleaning and new water, gravel, and plants, of course!). This beta does nothing but hide in the plants and ALWAYS has his fins puffed up at me. I never see him eat, but he must because it's been three weeks and he's still alive. I started to check temperature and nitirate and ammonia, and they are all normal, and the temp is 79 degrees F. The fish is pissed off and mean looking all the time, and he does not make his happy little bubble nests. I feed him 3 little balls of food 3 times a day.

What am I missing to make him happy? Was he abused or something in the pet store?
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I think he's just adjusting to his new home. Every betta is different. Some are more shy than others, some are more aggressive than others and some won't tolerate any tank mates, while others don't really care what you put in the tank with them. Just give him some time.
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Does my beta KNOW he's just a replacement for my last beta?

I agree with dramaqueen he prolly needs more time. I had a male betta a few years ago that did the same thing. He did not stop this behavior until I got a tank divider and put a female in the tank (on the other side). If he doesnt stop soon, I would consider this tactic, because you don't want him to starve because hes depressed! After my betta got used to her (about 4 days) he suddenly had a ravenous appetite and started responding to me when I came over to his tank. A Bubble nest was soon to follow.
Also, its not spelled beta, its betta (from their scientific name betta splendens.)
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I definitely agree that bettas can get depressed. Even tho they can't live together, they do like to see other bettas every now and then, unless they are really feeling threatened by the presence of another one next to them. I keep mine next to each other. I think in time, they learn that they can't get to each other and it doesn't bother them.
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