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Old 09-23-2008, 10:39 PM   #1 
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Changed the Substrate...had to do big water change too.

Hey all...

I did end up changing the substrate today...and a good thing...the "under gravel filter" was a MESS...there was so much debris under the grate that I had to take Ernesto out and change the water. I tried without taking him out...but it was just not good mojo. I did not scrub anything down...It did not really need it...I swished the silk plants in the spent water to get the debris off of them...and I had to replace the little filter pack.

He seems to like it alright. His fins are all relaxed and he is swimming around the whole bowl. But...that cazy Betta was also trying to burrow into the marbles! I think that he is exploring new swimming space. The grate took up about an inch of space at the bottom of the tank.

I am just nervous nillly now about arresting his wonderful healing. I am sure I am just being overly protective and nutty about it. Any experience out there?

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Old 09-24-2008, 03:48 AM   #2 
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how often and how much do you feed to have such a dirty undergravel?

i personally wouldnt have changed the filter pad out ( dont worry since its too late now ) i would have either left it or swished it around it old tank water - reason i say that is because you changed the gravel ( where the good bacteria is ) so you may see another or a mini cycle. just stay on top of your water changes (especially because it sounds like hes healing) and you should be alright.
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It is not from overfeeding. I feed Ernesto 2 pellets 2X/day. One day/ wk one of his feedings is 2 blood worms in stead of the pellets.

The debris did not come from the gravel itself, but from underneath the grate that the gravel was on (the "under gravel filter"), so that could have been the culprit. I have not been using the airstone for a while since I got the little filter. I changed the filter because the sponge on the bottom was totally brown, and the carbon was spent.

He seems to be ok this morning. He woke up to greet me as he ususally does. :D

Thanks for your input.

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