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Changing the betta water

Hi! I'm a new betta owner (just bought my male delta tail fish yesterday :D)! I've read a lot about changing the betta water, and I wanted to make sure that I will do it correctly. Since I just put my betta in his tank last night (it's a 1.5 gallon), I was thinking I would do a 50% water change on Wednesday. Is that too soon? He isn't eating, so I don't want to startle him again.
To change the water, ( a 30-50% change) should I remove him from the tank altogether and put him in a different tank? Also, if I remove him from the water, should I use the old water for him to swim around in the temporary cup? I don't want to hurt him, so I'm just making sure :) When he's out of the tank, I will take 30-50% of the water out, disturb the gravel so the filter can remove any waste, scrub the sides, scrub the decorations, and move the plant for a change for him. Then in a different container, I will fill it with tap water, make sure the temperature is okay, treat it with the conditioner, and then pour it back into his tank. Then I will put him back. Does that procedure sound about right? Is it flawed? If so, what can I do to improve it or change?
Thank you so much!

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If you're doing a 30-50% water change, I would leave him in the tank. Seeing all that commotion is stressful, but being taken out of his tank, put into a new environment, and then put back in the tank is even more stressful.
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I have a small cup that I put my bettas in when I do water changes.

Unplug heater and place cup on surface of water then scoop curious betta up as he comes to investigate. Change water (making sure it's similar temp) and plug heater back in. Float betta in cup for about 20 min then carefully release back into tank.

I prefer to cup because they hate getting jostled around when I pour the new water in.
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Don't scrub the decor or anything, that's holding potential beneficial bacteria and a good layer of bio-film, these are actually good for your aquarium. Well not certain that bio-film is essentially "good" for your aquarium, but it isn't going to hurt it.

I leave my boys in while I siphon out the gravel. It's easy to do with a smaller siphon like this one: And then I add in conditioned water, roughly the same temp, I just pour it in gently. You can also use a cup to scoop out water from the bucket you have the new water in instead of pouring it. I do this for my 5.5 gallon which sits under my 33 gallon and can be a bit hard to reach for pouring new water in.

As far as frequency you can do the 30-50% on Wednesday and a 75-100% on Saturday, that one you'll obviously need to take the boy out :) But this is to ensure that the ammonia doesn't build up and harm your new boy.
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Hey for 1.5 gall i would recommend to do 2-50 or 30% and 1-100% water changes a week. Or you can do 2-100% every about 4-5 days. When you do 100% water change you need to take him out of course. When you take him out with a net be careful don't damage his fins. I am using the cup to lure him in. Be aware when you taking him out cover the net or the cup because bettas are very good jumpers and there is a lot of accidents...
When you do 100% water changes you need to acclimate your betta to the new water temperature so you don't shock him with drastic change.Just like you already wrote in your thread, when temperature is good for him you put him back in the new dechlorinated water) But i decide to give you those instructions ....
Gravel and decorations you can just rinse them in the warm water.
You don't need to use the filter in 1.5 gall tank. Filter can be too strong and stress him out. And for 1.5 gall with those water changes you do not need to use the filter.
Now there are the links. First link you can find a lot of helpful information on the heater, food etc
Second link you can find instructions on acclimation that i posted for someone
check the thread #26
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Since your tank is only 1.5 (which is what i had when i started!) it wouldnt hurt to change the water. Just make sure you do so enough to keep him healthy!! I would say use the cup method... when he comes to the front, lower it behind him and itll kind of suck him in there with old water. Personally i think its better than a net, which can stress and rip fins!
After that put him in a little cup while you do a 100% water change. Clean out the rocks and accessories (i usually soak them in hot water) then refill and add the bacteria supplement and water conditioner.

what i do is let the new set up sit for an hour or two while i go to class ro whatever to let the water in the tank settle to the room temp which is the same as the water the betta is in. Then when they are the same i just lower the cup in and he swims out to his clean tank! So its pretty easy with smaller tanks.

As for how often i would suggest doing it every 3-4 days. and you can choose 50-100% water changes. But, with 50% you will need to watch it since its a little tank!
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Thank you so so much! The advice really helped. I changed the water for the first time today...we'll see how he feels... :)
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oh good,keep us updated:)
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