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I need help with my girl betta, she is acting weird.

I guess I should start with my back story then explain my problem:
I've owned a Betta before (male) and kept him alive for 3 yrs... He passed away, and now I've purchased three. The disgraceful pet store that I went to said they only carried females, which was what I was looking for. I wanted to start a little sorority and was excited for my purchase. When I saw the awful tiny cube boxes they were being held in, I decided to purchase three of the sadder ones. (To nurse back to health) I kept them in separate tanks till they were alive and well.
When I purchased them, their colors where faded and their fins were sick.
But after they were back up to health I noticed one of them had extremely bright colors and was more active than the other two. (I should have taken that as a hint.)

I then put them in a 10 gal tank. They didn't fight, which I found odd, since I understand that they might duke it out till a head honcho is decided. (The tank is large with many places to hide.)
I had to leave for the weekend, and when I got back one of my bettas was dead and the extremely bright betta was puffed up and chasing my poor female. Thats when I knew it was a male.

Pet Store Major Mistake.

I took out my female, but it didn't look hurt. Its been a few days and I noticed that my female is fat and she just sits at the bottom of her tank. She's only active in the morning when I go over to give them breakfast, and after a min of lookin at me she goes back down and sits at the bottom.

1. I don't overfeed them. 2-4 pellets at a time
2. untill i get a second tank she has a 2gal tank to herself and its temp is around 75
3. the water does seem to get cloudy very easy, i use a turkey baster everyday, and replace 50% of the water every two or three days
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She might be egg bound. She might have gotten full of eggs being with a male.
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