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Advice for a newbie


This is my first post, however I've been reading your forum for about a week.

We came home today to a most upsetting sight. Little Sonny was no longer swimming around. I thought I was doing everything right and he was so active. Then I came on to see if I could find out what I did wrong. Seems the weekend feeder was a bad idea. They will go in the garbage and never be used again.

So before another upsetting sight, I'm here for some advice.

I have a 5 gal spec tank with a hydor heater. Planted with Anubius, water sprite, penny wort and a small grass that I can't remember the name of right now. We had a beautiful betta and four neon tetras and two black stripe tetras. One of the neon tetras passed as well. Gravel substrate of at least 3".

Now I have been reading lots about cycling. I purchased the master test kit and have been keeping rigorous track of ammonia and nitrate/trite levels. They have barely increased. Today was the first uptick of ammonia. I have done a 30% water change and everything seems good.

What else should I do before I try to include a new betta in my tank? Did I do something wrong (so I don't do it again)? Thanks for all the info you send and is already here.
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I have to say your tank is overstocked. Tetras of any kind need at least 10 gallons. Also, although I'm not very familiar with black stripe tetras, I think most tetras need to be in a school of 4+ of their own species.

I would say find a way to rehome the tetras(buy a 10 gal if you can) and let the betta have the 5 gal to himself. Also, if you could post a picture of your betta, it might help us identify the problem ,as we could see if it was infected with something.

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Sorry, he's already gone. So I've done more reading and think I was definitely lied to at the pet store. I will be returning the tetras and not putting anything in with my next betta as you have said. I haven't had fish in a long time and am amazed at how much more info I have now that I never knew when I had them before. Thanks again for the information.
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