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Feeding While on Deployment

I'm currently serving in Japan on active duty with a forward deployed command with the USN. I also have a betta fish. I'm currently having trouble finding someone to take care of while I will be on deployment. I was looking at purchasing an automatic feeder for him while I'm gone. With being forward deployed we are gone 5-6 months out of the year every year. We have about a 4 week break in between deployments, making each one roughly 9 weeks. My betta is in a filtered tank that holds a little over a gallon and a half water. I also use water conditioner made just for betta's, and I feed him 4 little pellets once a day, which maybe a little too much, the package is in Japanese so I'm not exactly sure about how much to feed him. Long story short I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I should do.
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My suggestion would be to rehome him. Without a water change in 9 weeks you will come home to a fish that died probably 6-7 weeks earlier after suffering a horrible death. Also, those automatic feeders can malfunction either withholding food or dumping it all. Even if the feeder works, again your fish would die from lack of water changes.

ETA: I don't know if you have done this, but I pay my cousin to watch my animals while I'm gone. Maybe, you could offer like $10 to someone to "fish sit" for you each deployment. The money could be contingent on you coming home to a live fish.

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1st thank you for your service. As for your Betta, unfortunately, if it were me I would rehome him if I couldn't find some to care for him. 9 wks is going to be too long without a water change even with a filter, the water quality would be atrocious not to mention the evaporation after 9 wks. The auto feeders cannot be trusted from what I understand, many people have had them fail causing major water quality issues, fish over eating & having health issues. I hope you can find someone to care for him in your absence.
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If you were in the US, i was going to suggest to be a "permanent" fish sitter for you so that you would know you had a fish to come home to but getting it here from japan may be difficult.

Offer is there if you have no other option and really want to know that your fish is alive and waiting on you to come home. Only if you could send him and all his "things" which is likely to expensive.

Thanks for your service. :)
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