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Unhappy Is my boy sick?

I have a male betta that I have had for about 7 months. He has always been spunky and energetic, and a really good eater. About 10 days ago our temps starting dropping (outside) and my apartment was a little cooler than usual, and the tank temp dropped. Romeo was blowing his little bubbles like crazy, seemed happy and no issues, but in the last 7 or 8 days he has stopped eating, only one tiny bite in about the last 4 days, and he is very lethargic, and his color has really faded. I bought him a new, bigger tank, conditioned the water and installed a heater that is keeping the water at about 78-79 degrees (he has always been between 77 and 80). Its been 3 days in the new pad, still no joy and no eating. He just lists around, not moving hardly any of his fins, and the two side fins that he usually poofs out (right behind his gills) he keeps tucked together, (like a person holding their fingers together) and flaps them around. When he isn't hovering near the surface, he will swim to the surface, take a breath then slowly float down about half way, then repeat. He has started blowing a few bubbles today, but they have no pattern. Should I give him more time to adjust to being back in the correct temp water and having a new tank? I have a friend who said his betta used to go into a kind of hibernation if his tank got too cold. Anyone ever hear of that, or was he trying to make me feel better? Please help, thank you so much!!!

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do you know the water parameters? what is your water changing schedual?
does he look bloated at all?
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I don't know the paramaters. I always de-chlorinate and let water sit for about 24 hours before I do our weekly water changes. Room temp has been fine (78-80) until recently so his tank was staying nice and warm. he is showing signs of bloating a little in his body between his dorsal and belly fins (just a little bulge?), but it comes and goes. I have also noticed he hasn't been pooing as much, and he is usually pretty good about that. I imagine the lack of is b/c he isn't eating
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did it seem to bet more bloated when / after he ate...and when he did much did you feed him?
what temp did the tank drop to and how fast? he might have went into shock...but dont know allot about Betas...just that apparently they prefer an average of 78, and dont do good in teps of low 70's
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His tank dropped to about 72, it took 2 or 3 days to get that cool. and it took that long to come back up so I didn't shock him too much. Tested his water paramaters today, everything is perfect except the ammonia, so we did a partial change (recommended partial by the only pet store associate I trust) and I also got some BettaFix. (It contains Melaleuca which is amazing stuff, lets hope that holds true for my Romeo too!) he has already perked up a bit, lets see if that lasts (fingers crossed!) Biggest concern is he is still hasn't eaten. I got a fresh pack of frozen bloodworms, so after he settles from the water change, I'll see if I can tempt him to eat a little something.
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And the bloating didn't really seem to depend on the feeding. I usually feed him pellets that contian dried shrimp, and he eats 5 or 6 once a day. My fish guy said as long as he is eating still within a few minutes that is fine.
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