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Old 10-21-2008, 11:00 AM   #1 
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New tank and strange betta responses

I just but my betta in a new setup yesterday. It is a 2.5 gallon rectangular tank with treated water that sat out for 24 hours. I used the same substrate that I had him in before and rubber plants. I added a small whisper filter (labeled for 1-3 gallon tanks) and Im adding a small 10w heater today. The filter seemed to be pumping too hard so I punch a slight sinch in the hose to limit the flow, its much slower now. Innitially he seemed fine and was getting used to the tank. He was fighting the red glass thermometer, and getting used to the limimts of the glass (swimming against the walls looking for holes). A few minutes after I put him in I noticed his color was flushed. He is a red vt and he was nearly colorless in some areas. I have noticed that his color gets richer when he is flaring, can it also fade under other circumstances?
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Color can fade when the fish is stressed. How did you acclimate the fish to the new tank?

Sometimes, even when acclimated properly, the stress of the move can be enough to cause the colors to fade.
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Both tanks were room temperature, I had not been using heaters yet as my apt was at a steady 77. Now that it is cooling down I will be using heater. The day before the move I changed the water in his bowl, so the chemical levels on both should have been extremely simmilar. I moved him by putting him in a small bowl and setting the bowl in the new tank for a few minutes. Then i let some of the water from the new tank seep into his bowl. A few minnutes later I let the bowl slowy sink into the tank, and he swam out. His color seems to be much better today and he is getting used to the limits of the tank and knows where everything is.
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it sounds like you did the transport alright. he was probly just stressed/exited of the sudden new enviorment.
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