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Blind Betta

So, here's the story:

When I first got Nevermore, he had what looked like large "eyebrow" scales above both his eyes. I thought they might be troublesome and it turns out I was right. They've since grown completely over his eyes.

Has anyone ever heard of this?
I'm certain they are scales and not fungus of any kind, as they are large, solid, and the same colour as his other scales. I've watched them grow during the months that I've had him.

He can navigate fairly well, though he does get some trouble every once and a while. It's the feeding that is proving most troublesome. He has too much trouble eating his pellets, so he often tries to munch on the catfishes' algae tablets.

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Sena Hansler
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Is he a dragonscale? It is pretty common for them to have their scales grow over their eyes.

For most blind bettas I encountered, I recommended having them in a tank by themselves that they can navigate (1.5-5 gallon seems to work well). The plants stay in the same section, and so do the ornmaents, filter/heater, and always feed in the same spot. Betta fish don't just see... They can smell. Trying tricks like dropping the food right in front of their nose, using garlic juice, etc entices them to find their food easier. Once they have it engraved where the food always is, they will wait patiently there for it. Or, in the case of my friend's betta who we noticed saw shadows and light.... We kept the tank bare bottomed. He would scout the bottom for food using the front of his nose to "feel" the bottom.
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I believe they are referred to as "diamond eye" when the scale grows over the eyes. Sena is right, so long as everything stays familiar, you shouldn't have too much of an issue.

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Goblin has some scales growing over his eyes, he's starting to have trouble finding food. He's in a 5 gal hex, I just don't move any decor and feed him in the same spot everyday. :)
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betta blindness blind

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