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Sorority Dwindling?

So, I started out with a sorority of 7 female betta's in a well planted, heated and filtered 10 gallon tank. But recently, two of my females, Idris and Violet, have passed away. The tank was peaceful, and the two girls were old and not sick. But I thought of something. What happens when another fish dies? Hopefully it won't happen for a while, but then I would only have four females. I don't wish to keep buying new females, so what happens when I get down to three, or two females? Should I get dividers for the tank when the sorority becomes to small to function peacefully? Just planning for the future, thanks in advance!
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Reference Team
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They will be fine until you get down to three... There is a good chance they will peacefully coexist since they are used to each other but aggression towards one by the other two could dramatically increase, and unpredictably at that. I would personally divide the tank into three once there are three left.
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Ok, thanks. It was my first sorority, and unfortunately, I need to plan for my first sorority ending...
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I kept adding new girls for a while, but eventually the inevitable happened and I was left with three, then two. My girls were extraordinarly docile and I had no problems with them being in a trio or a pair, but Matts is right - much better to exercise caution and divide. :)
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I've been posting the very same experience, but w/ more fish. In early Feb., I had a 12-betta sorority. They started dying off, one at a time. I've lost 7 fish (5 girls & 1 male) in 3-week increments ever since. It's been heartbreaking.
They've displayed symptoms of "sulking" one pinconed, and the others, fin rot. I'm treating w/ Kanaplex, but 3 girls look really bad. AND I'm scheduled to go on vaca next week... I don't know what to do.
Oops, lost an oto cat yesterday, too...
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