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He's an odd one

I have had my purple betta, Stanley, for a bit over 2 months now and I have noticed something strange. I was wondering if anyone else has encountered this or similar.

Usually he's a lovely deep vibrant purple with a black head however if he hasn't seen me all day or I come home late from work his colour is off.
You can see more of the pink/red on his body and lower fins. His head is a more dark brown and can see red markings on the side of his face. Along the underside of his head and belly it goes a white/silver. He also seems a tad agitated, darting around his tank.

I usually think he's hungry and sometimes he will eat but other times he just looks at the pellet and swims away and refuses to eat for a while.

Once he sees me and realises I'm home, after a few minutes, his colour improves and he calms right down. Still active but no longer darting and will eat some food. It's as if he's stressing that he hasn't seen me in a while. It kind of reminds me of separation anxiety you can see in dogs or cats.

He's an odd one. lol
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Awww that's cute that he misses you.As he's still pretty new perhaps he just needs more time to get used to you being away from him,and will get to know your routine & that you come back to see him.
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I've had 2 bettas that did this.

Spoiled Brat who when moved across the room away from me, sulked, refused to eat and clamped up until we moved him back beside my chair. Every time we left the house, he'd get stress stripes and pace the front of the tank until I came back home - calmed right down after I returned.

Harley is my new giant baby that I got at Petco when Spoiled Brat passed away and seems to do the same thing. His color goes away and gets stripes until we come back home, and sometimes if I sleep in the other room.

It's kind of cute in an odd way.
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Mine does that too. I come home from work late at night after he's been sleeping for awhile and he is always just a tad paler than normal. I had another betta do this too, so I think when they fall in a deep sleep their color gets dull. I think the darting and acting agitated is their eyes readjusting to the light.
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anxiety, separation, stressing

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