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my betta tore his caudal fin swimming back and forth behind filter

Help :( I hate that he tore his fin, I noticed he was swimming back and forth behind his filter and I guess the filter tore his fin so I unplugged it. He is still swimming behind the filter, almost obsessively for the past 5-10 minutes or this type of behavior a sign of any illness? Is he irritated about something? And lastly, what should I do to make sure his torn fin doesn't lead to any bacterial infection? Thanks.
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If you turn your filter off you will lose the beneficial bacteria. If your tank is still cycling, you'll have to start over. Can you block the filter with plants or decorations? Or turn the filter down?
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Since I only have a 2.5 gallon tank I went ahead and took out the filter, I have been advised that cycling a 2.5 isn't easy and that the cycle would be easily disrupted anyways so maybe it is best not to cycle it anyway. Since I am getting rid of the filter, do you know how many times a week I will have to do water changes?
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Hey Emma how is your betta doing?
If you took the filter out which is fine you just will need to do 1 or 2-50% and 1-100% water changes a week. I think you also said that you have ammonia in your tap water? And i think someone already mentioned that Prime is good for the problem. Prime turns ammonia into ammonium which is the less dangerous of both, It only last tow day though. So it good if you can do 2-50% and 1-100 water changes.
And for the torn fins it should heal with clean water. If you have stress coat its also good for healing. Just make sure his find don't have dark or discolored edges that are ''smudged'',shredded,large part of the tail just drop off, ragged edges etc..

When you do 10% water changes make sure you acclimate your betta to the new water. It important to do that so you don't shock your betta with drastic difference. I remember replied on your other threads but not sure if any one ever give you instructions on acclimation.

1. can have betta in the changing cup with about 15% of the water and keep adding small amount of the new water about every 5 min for about 5-6 times -this way you he will get used to the temperature:)

2. Note the temperature of the water.

Using a plastic cup, scoop him, along with some of his water, into the cup.
Clean out the tank. Refill with water at the SAME temp. Be sure to add the correct amount of water conditioner.
Float his cup in the tank for about 15 min. (Study during this time. If he sits longer, it's OK.)
Add a SMALL amount of NEW water to the cup. (Several tablespoons, or about 1.5 ounces.)
Let his cup float for about 10 min. (Study during this time. If he sits longer, it's OK.)
If the cup starts to fill too much, remove a SMALL amount of water from the cup. Discard it.
Repeat steps 5-7, until about an hour has passed. (If he sits longer because you're studying, that's OK.)
Gently release him into the tank.

3. To do a water change, use a little cup like a plastic solo cup - this cup must be only for him and have never been used with soap or other chems. Scoop him up in this cup (keep him in the cup about 1/4 full of water - it doesn't need to be much because he won't be in it for long) and leave him in the cup while you change his water. To do the 50% use a turkey baster - dedicated only to him that has never seen soap or chems - and drag it through the gravel and try to suck as much of the poop out as possible, in addition to 50% of the water. Use a thermometer under the running tap to get it to be the same temp as the water that is normally in his tank. When the thermometer says the flowing tap is the right temp, fill back up his tank. At this point, add the conditioner (dose for how much water you change - if you change half the water you add half gallon worth of conditioner, If you do a 100% water change dose for the full gallon change). Float his plastic cup with him in it in the new water. Slowly add a couple tablespoons of the new water into his cup every 10 minutes for at least an hour. Finally, dump him in gently but try to get as little of the old cup water back into the tank as possible. When you do the weekly 100% you will do mostly the same thing except empty his tank fully and rinse everything in it very well under warm water but never use soaps or chemicals. Once it's fully cleaned/rinsed you can refill it and repeat the cup/acclimate phase.

4. When I change the water I put him in the cup I got him in then I take everything out of the tank, rinse everything with warm tap water. Then I put everything back in the tank, fill it with dechlorinated new water, and then turn the heater on. When the tank water is the same as the cup water , then take the dirty cup water out and a little at a time and put clean tank water in the cup. After that I put the cup in the tank and he swims out.

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