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The particular Petco I am going to takes decent care their fish. They are not perfect. Once in awhile the cups get a little dirty. They get some good quality fish. By this I mean some good colors and nice finnage-not a breeding fish. Aside from the female there are really nice males there I can't take but I'd love to see get homes.

I've been thinking of offering to ship to people who can't get decent fish so the fish get homes. Some stay there awhile. These are not rescue fish but fish that are in good shape. I don't have experience with shipping though. I will have to start a post on that. I am not sure if people will pay to ship petstore fish even at cost.

So I went for two females one is on orange dragonscale with with orange in the fins and red edges. They say she is a veiltail but the back fin is rounded. There were two bigger ones like her the one with the rounded fin has a spade tail. I got the purple veiltail girl with red fins. All for $6.00. BTW she has 3 beautiful brothers there. They all look like little rainbows and seem young.

I wanted to get a white one that had lavender fins but I am still on the fence there is a white one with orange fins I think they both crowntail. The lavendar I think is more timid the orange is definitely more confident and sociable. So I have to think about it. I am not starting a sorority tank for several months. I am in the middle of a new set up for my males. Since I see these ladies are are pretty I am getting them while I can. Hopefully they will end up getting along. I also have a lemon yellow baby and course of Penelope who looks a little like Otterfun's purple girls she has more brown still but is showing more purple.
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Sena Hansler
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Well if I were to do that here in Canada the shipping is scary outrageous. You literally aim to get all higher quality fish at that cost. For USA it costs a lot less I believe.
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