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Reference Team
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Haha be careful of floaters and soil based tanks. My duckweed exploded when I introduced it into my NPT, because there are excess nutrients leeching out in the water column and most floaters are nutrient sponges.
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Hadoken Kitty
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Knowing my luck, that'll happen to me. I have all of these tiny little leaves that get stuck to my arm when I move anything in my tank. Blah. How annoying.
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My boyfriend made me laugh today - we were talking about duckweed and java moss, as we are going to order some java moss next week for our tanks, the pictures of the Green monsters convinced us that maybe i can't kill it and want to try to cover our driftwood and use it to house fry that we just found in our community tank SURPRISE! Pretty sure they are platys but we weren't prepared so it's definately survival of the fitest right now and I feel so guilty. He said he read that Duckweed and Java Moss are like herpes once you get it and put it in your tank - there is no getting rid of it, ever.

If you check Wal-Mart fish tanks- they get in random potted plants. Usually a wide assortment of swords and some of them are absolutely beautiful and cuts out the cost of shipping so are super cheap - under 6.00 a piece. One Wal-mart close was getting new fish tanks so we got 4 different type swords for 2.00 a piece. Radican sword, Queen marble, Rose Sword, Rose Melon, and Green melon - can't beat it and they all seem to be doing well so far. I've not had alot of luck with the Boxed plants from Petco they all melt and die but a lot of Petcos have the Plants in one dedicated tank that are in Water - Those have all grown wonderfully for me, in fact we go in our Petco so much, the lady usually gives me plants that looks like they are dying or sprouts that would other wise get thrown away when we go in. Which we are still in the hole from the tubed plants dying on us but at least it has evened out what we spent from her doing that.

Oh the whole purpose to typing this was - We purchased duckweed a few months ago because it looked interesting but after we got it, i didn't like how it blocked the light to the rest of the plants so fished it all out and threw it away. After a few months and having gotten it ALL out of every tank HAHAHA, not really apparently every one of my tanks has an abundance of duckweed and I have no idea where it came from. I also hate how it gets all over my arms every time I do something in the tank.

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Hadoken Kitty
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See, its small leaves like duckweed, but it isn't really duckweed. So I don't really remember what it is. I just remember being sent a bunch of plants from Linda Olson. Now All of my original plants are dead. Lol.
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