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Exclamation My Betta will not eat

I got a new Betta on Sunday and he hasn't eaten since I got him. I tried the first day with some flakes that came with the kit, but I also tried a container that I got that say's it is for Bettas. Also helps keep water clean. I have feed him 1 pellet every day this week. He is swimming around & blowing bubbles from time to time. Moving all over the place so he seems OK.
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Bettas are really picky eaters, when you first bring them home, they won't always eat, eventually they;ll get hungry enough and eat what your feeding him. so don't worry... hell be fine
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If he is swimming around and blowing bubbles, he's fine.He should settle down in a few days. As xst3ph90x said, they can be very picky. He may not like what you are giving him. He should eat what you offer him when he gets hungry enough. Good luck.
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You might need to attract his attention to the top of the tank by tapping your fingernail on it or something, then drop the pellet right in front of his face. He should at least try to eat it. My bettas have all learned what their food container looks like and get really excited at meal times. Also, one pellet a day is kind of might want to up that amount to 3 pellets twice daily.
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All of my bettas have refused to eat when I first brought them home. Its the stress of being in a totally different environment, plus being transported, that makes them loose thier appetite. I found that a great way to entice a betta fish to eat is to get some frozen blood worms. After I unthaw them I get the end of a blood worm stuck to the tip of a plastic spoon. Since frozen blood worms are wet, they will stick to the spoon. Then I drag the other end of the blood worm through the water (just be sure not to submerge the spoon, or the blood worm will fall off) The movement of the blood worm simulates live food and is a lot more attractive to a betta. Its worked like a charm every time my bettas don't want to eat.

I hope your betta starts eating soon!
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