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Conditioning questions (specific food, proximity)

Hi, all. I had some specific questions regarding conditioning:

1) What particular food is best to feed the pair as they're being conditioned? (Today I ordered cultures of microworms, banana worms, and walter worms. I also have a BBS-hatching kit.)

2) Is it fine to condition the female while in her sorority, by feeding the entire sorority the same food? Or should she be in her own tank? If she should be in her own tank, should her tank be placed next to the male, or not until I've been feeding her well for several weeks?

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I wouldn't feed adults fry foods because they are too small. Culture them instead to have them ready when fry needs to eat.

Frozen foods are OK. I mainly feed mine frozen bloodworms 2-3 times daily. I do not limit the amount. Some may bloat, others may not. As long as they can digest their food by the time of the next feeding, I give them more.

You can keep breeder females in sororities. But you will have to feed the whole tank and she might not come on top in the frenzy. It is always a good idea to keep your breeder female in total solitary. This will make her aggressive which will be easier to breed.

When you are ready to breed, introduce the pair and see how they act. If BOTH flirt, you can start the breeding process - either float the female in the breeding tank where the male swims freely or immediately release the female and male. The second option may cause more damage to the female, specially virgins because they need longer courtship time.
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