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Confused on why

I mentioned in another post that, I bought a 5 gallon from Petsmart--talked into it by a manager that said, breeders were using it as a barracks, and it had a glass divider. While cycling another tank, I put the divider looked nice and steady with, no visible openings. The glass seemed thicker than I would expect and, I even added some meshing, to control the flaring. I heated it, used live plants, had sponge filters and everything. I also did daily skims with the turkey baster, to remove any uneaten food.

I wake up one morning and can't find the second betta male. I panick that, somehow he got through the hood. Then, I see two males on the other side. Apparently, the glass was not as secure as it seems, where the divider was and, he got through. I checked both of them--no injuries and, it appeared they never fought but, were both hiding under the plants. One was hiding inside his castle decoration, where I have a moss ball that he loves to lie on.

I get the male into his own tank. Even the fins didn't have any noticeable injury. I found him, dead the next morning..even after giving stress coat after finding them both together. Tearfully, I put him to his grave. SIP Patriot (He was red, white and blue).

Today, I check on the guy he was in with and, he is not acting right. I immediately took him out of his tank and put him in a hospital tank. I put a small amount of salt and stress coat. I had a cycled hospital tank with plants, heater and sponge filter. He went in there and immediately went to the bottom. Again, no fin damage or noticeable abrasions. The only thing I noticed was that, he was pale--he is usually a vibrant pink/red. I am looking now and, he goes up for air, he isn't breathing hard but just doesn't look like he is going to make it.

Is there possibly something I missed? Should I have looked elsewhere for damage? I had them both in my hands and could see very well but, maybe I just didn't look somewhere. I guess it's possible the first had a disease that was spread when he went to the other side but, I can't figure it out. Maybe it was the stress of them ending up together. Either way, I am beating myself up to see what I did wrong, or if was just something I couldn't have helped anyway.

Here are my parameters:

What size is your tank? 5 gallon glass, NPT
What temperature is your tank? 80-81--fluctuates
Does your tank have a filter? Yes, xl sponge filters
Does your tank have an air stone or other type of aeration? I think the sponge filter does that through the exit tube?
Is your tank heated? Yes, adjustable heater set at 81 degrees
What tank mates does your betta fish live with? Both fish were together in a divided tank, with glass divider and, I added mess so they didn't flare too much.

What type of food do you feed your betta fish? I feed live foods, and frozen foods. Glassworms, blood worms for a treat, daphnia as a snack. I occasionally give flake food from Omega to balance out all of the live food.
How often do you feed your betta fish? Once a day, with a medicine dropper. I shoot the food in slowly, wait for them to eat and then, stop when they seem uninterested. Most of the time, they eat from the dropper.


How often do you perform a water change? I do daily cleanings of the bottom, to remove waste, every day with a turkey baster. I do 10-20 a week. I do 50% a month, unless really dirty. It usually isn't as, I clean it daily with the baster
What percentage of the water do you change when you perform a water change? Mentioned above
What type of additives do you add to the water when you perform a water change?Prime and IAL extract that I make from the leaves, myself.

Water Parameters:
Have you tested your water? If so, what are the following parameters?


Symptoms and Treatment
How has your betta fish's appearance changed? The day after his friend died.
How has your betta fish's behavior changed? He is less active and hangs at the bottom more. He is currently going up for air but slowly. He would not eat, which is very unusual for him. fins clamped at the bottom. Not breathing heavily but color is very pale, compared to how he looked, prior to the incident.
When did you start noticing the symptoms? This morning
Have you started treating your fish? If so, how? Small amount of aquarium salt and stress coat. I also have Bettafix, for fin and scale damage but, was unsure if I should use it or not.
Does your fish have any history of being ill? Was fine until the other fish died.
How old is your fish (approximately)? 6-7 months.

Thanks for any input you might have.
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First up - dont use betta fix. May people say it works miracles but many others claim it will kill the betta by destrying their breathing organ.

Normally when my guys get together, all I find are torn fins and some rapid gill movement for a little while but a few hours later they are both fine.

I would chnage out all the water in the divided tank and clean the decor just in case the other fish dying is not related to them being together.

As for the other fish, without knowing whats wrong, its hard to give advice. He may just be stressed or he may have something wrong - possibly internally? If he is having issues getting to the surface, float him in a cup.

Its possible he is just stressed out from yesterday...
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I have him in a cup, so he can easily get oxygen. He doesn't look good at all but, is still alive. I added some stress coat. That's about all I can do. I'll see what happens when I come home but, I hate to see him suffer, if he is in pain. I feel so bad. *sigh*
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Sounds like stress, sometimes when betta's are stressed? They get sick. I've seen someone else tell a story like this but I'm sure they pulled through. Good luck.
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