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Old 06-01-2013, 12:18 AM   #11 
Reference Team
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Ideal or not you are doing a great thing. The twenty is a got temporary tank, yes, it is to small, but its better then what it's in. A tub would be what I would do... Or better yet an already established pond like the one at your uni.
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I don't know where you live but we've got a comet pond in our backyard that he could go into. I can't promise he wouldn't become Great Blue Heron food lol but it's a nice big pond, we started with 3 of them and now have well over 200 in there ><

And yeah, sorry I spoofed on the tank size. I really should watch what I'm typing, sorry!!

But yes I think your uni pond would be a good step to take, that way he'd be getting good care (I say good because even my uni, at one building which is the building: center of biology and life sciences don't even take care of half their fish in there. I'm actually going Monday to take care of someone's Betta fish >.>) but anyway, it'd be a nice open place for him to be in and be cared for!
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I don't think people actually care for ponds at unis. At ours they just seem to leave well alone, and the fish eat insects, microfilm, algae, whatever.
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I admit I didn't read through every post thoroughly, but if the goldfish is anything but a common....The mods on my goldfish forum said that a 40 gallon breeder tank is suitable for any single goldfish of any type, and goldfish do not require the company of other goldfish, although they can provide stimulation for each other. So if you absolutely can't get a 55 gallon you can get a 40 gallon, probably a breeder(long).

That is just what the mods on the goldfish forum have told me. Hope this helped...
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