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does anyone have..

i was wondering if anyone else has come across an imbellas betta, i know bettas are spilt into different groups, like splenda, imbellas, mouthbrooders and so on. i believe i have found one, it looks alot like a female in the sense that they don't have the huge fins but is a beautiful blue green with red in his fins. ive herd they are know as true fighters because they don't have the fins to nip off in a battle. is this what i have found?
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Either that or a kind of Betta called a Plakat. but that sounds like a really cool betta. i could probobly help more if i saw a pic. do you have any?
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Old 11-30-2008, 09:03 AM   #3 
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You can find imbellas on aquabid all the time, but at the moment their looks escape me.

The fish that are called "true fighters" are usually plakats which are a short-finned variety of betta splendens. Hope this helps.
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I just looked betta imbellis up in a book I have about bettas and it said that they are short finned fish bred for fighting. If they are raised separately and placed together, they will fight but if raised and kept together, they can live together peacefully.Imbellis are in the splendens group.
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