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Question Dwarf Puffer Fish

When I went to Pet Supermarket the other day I saw, for the first time actually, a few Dwarf Puffer Fish in one of the tanks they had. No wonder they haven't had ghost shrimp in a while because they're all dead thanks to the puffers being put into the ghost shrimp tank. In any case, I was wondering how simple or hard it is to actually take care of one of these cute looking creatures. Just out of shear curiosity. I don't plan on getting one but just wondering how do you actually take care of them? Same as normal tropical fish? What do they eat? Does anyone have pics of theirs if they own one? :)
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I don't have a dwarf puffer, but I did a ton of research about them because I was planning to get some (I ended up getting bettas, lol). I wouldn't say they are much different from other fish, but they do require some special care. If I remember correctly, the minumum size for one is 5 gallons. They can be kept with other DPs, but the tank must be heavily planted and a fairly large size (basically like keeping a female betta sorority). They also produce a lot of waist, so the tank must have high filtration. Also, DP are not a community fish and should be kept in species-only tanks, sometimes with docile bottom feeders. DP prefer to eat frozen of live foods.
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you can house multiple females together, and a male and a female, but 2 males will fight to the death.

Eemmais was right about the 5gal/dwarf rule though, and the heavily planted.

There's a website dedicated to them, if you would like me to, I can PM it to you.
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